Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What is RAW?

I once heard that "luck is when preperation and opportunity meet." Where I have been preparing now for over 3 years, RAW is giving me my opportunity.

On September 6th, Reclaimed Wreckage/Lisa Miller will be the featured artist for a runway show at The Depot, put on by RAW, Natural Born Artists!!! They came and found me and needless to say I was stupid excited about this opportunity!

RAW, Natural Born Artists is an artist driven organization designed to put local artists on the map. Now in over 60 cities they've found there way in to my little hometown of Salt Lake, and picked ME to be their main artist. A normal single mother going to school full time while running a business might just throw my accessories on someone elses clothing line... But let's face it, that's just not like me. So, the first Thursday in September, look for my accessories to be draped across my BRAND NEW CLOTHING LINE!!

Now I just gotta learn how to design, draft, and sew clothes ;)

In the meantime, click on RAW to check out this amazing local artist organization.


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