Sunday, July 1, 2012

Modern Items...

Modern Items... 

Today I am sharing with all of you some really cool modern ite,ms.. Items that are on the cutting edge and new and exciting.. These items are sure to cause heads to spin and people's eyes to stare at them since they are high impact, colorful, and definitely unique and totally amazing in design... 

Enjoy the pics and post.. 

Sculptural Sinuous Bench with Lacquered Fiberglass, E-Turn by Brodie Neill

Here is a unique bench design that is perfect for the modern scheme arrangement in your home. This is E-Turn bench designed by Brodie Neill for Kundalini with sinuous shape and very attractive. The bench is a sculptural bench entirely handmade in lacquered fiberglass that represents the state of the art 3D modeling. They are very suitable for the regulation of public space, housing or office. This bench can make a room more stylish and enhance the beauty of your home interior decoration. You can put this bench in the living room or patio to inject style.

modern bench design by Brodie Neill

E-Turn bench comes with a variety of attractive colors that you can choose according to tastes interior. It embodies a continuous morphing bench that twists and turns ribbon from seat to structure before overlapping and returning again in the configuration of a seat. An attractive design featuring a part of life appeared as quickly as they retreat to create a dynamic formation from all angles. Not only the unique shape of this bench but also very comfortable to use. The bench is available in the dimensions L 185 cm, H 42 cm W 56 cm. Go to Kundalini for more detail.

lacquered fiberglass E-Turn bench Kundalini
sculptural sinuous bench with lacquered fiberglass
stylish fiberglass bench by Brodie Neill
attractive colors bench with sinuous shape
unique bench ideas create dynamic formation

Elegant Modern Bathtub Idea with Comfortable Seat, Charme by Nuvist

A new innovation in bathtub design that is provides comfort bath with a series of impressive facilities. This is the Charme bathtub designed by Nuvist with a unique form of continuity. Has a transition between watering system functions and a comfortable seat idea. This bathtub provides uninterrupted form that provides support for your back, arms and legs. It has a watering system which is located in front of the face-down to provide water for a bath and has a control button on the arm rest so that you do not need to use tabs. This bathtub will give a pleasant sensation of relaxation to accompany your bath time. It’s functional, ergonomic and formal that it is suitable to complement the modern bathroom design in your home.

modern bathtub idea with comfortable seat Charme

This bathtub comes with a convenient and elegant white color that will make any bathroom full of style. Intelligent design with interesting features that make shower period’s easier and more enjoyable. It’s amazing bathtub that offers a comfortable thanks to establish a balance between the most important parts of the body. Each form is designed with detail and full consideration to produce high quality products. It is different bathtub design with the other traditional bathtub designs. Enjoy this convenience bathtub by visiting Nuvist immediately.

convenient and elegant white color bathtub Nuvist

functional bathtub with watering system functions

high quality bathtub with unique form of continuity


Jet Kitchen – Airplane Cockpit Kitchen Concept by Kinzo

The kitchen is like a cockpit design with sophisticated technology installed in it. Kitchen with stunning modern design, the artistic form of aircraft interior design brought into the kitchen to be one stunning design. Beautiful kitchen, luxurious, stunning and made with high-tech enter in it. Modern kitchen was designed by KINZO, three designers, based in Berlin. To get a kitchen like this with all modernity that are embedded in it maybe you should order first, and is made according to the desired shape, you can imagine with all of your kitchen desires. You can visit the KINZO website for more information on this Jet Kitchen.

airplane cockpit kitchen concept by kinzo
jet kitchen design by kinzo

modern kitchen design ideas by kinzo

modern technology kitchen concept by kinzo

jet kitchen modern washbasin design by kinzo

jet kitchen modern cocpit kitchen concept

Modern items.. 

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