Monday, July 23, 2012

Jude and tomatoes.

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Jude keeps calling tomatoes, potatoes ... it is adorable. 

Jude: " look mom I picked 21 potatoes!!"
Me: "Wow! That's cool , but there called tomatoes, son. " 

Jude: " Look at me mom! I am a good potato picker!!"
Me : "Yes you are, I am so proud of you! There called tomatoes baby." 

Jude: " Mom can I pick this yellow potato!?"
Me: "of course you can pick that yellow TOMATO. to-ma-to."

Jude: " Mom, Mom, Mom come look at my TOMATO!!"

I was thinking "yes...he has finally got it!" 
Jude "Hurry Mom!"

Me...I glance up to  see what he wants to show my me ... his tomato.
He is all smiles exclaiming. "Look at my tomato isn't he funny...!??"

...as he is holding a Mr. Potato Head. 

...aaahhh oh well, one day he will figure it out ... until then I will just soak up his cuteness.


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