Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Featured Designer & Trend Setter: Mario Morales

 Featured Designer.. Trend Setter
 Mario Morales

Mario Morales, Formerly of Mario & Marielena the multi talented and high demand designer has been designing textiles, bedding, accessories, drapery’s and furniture for the high-end interior and hospitality design community since 1994. His high energy, spirits and passion for his work make him stick out among the many choices of designers and firms available in today’s high demand, quick turn around market. Currently focusing all his energy on his new start-up Company, Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs, which anyone who personally knows Mario can attest that it will be a huge success sooner then later as his energy, drive, and Spirit are well noticed the minute anyone begins to interact with him and his passion for the new company is clearly evident. His history and determination for success will make this new company the powerhouse he made Mario & Marielena. 

Some Examples of Mario's Amazing Work in the hospitality Industry... 

Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs (MMBHD) began with a single vision from a talented and creative individual who was not only tired of the same old fashion approach coming out of the majority of the firms in today’s market but his personal goal to provide the finest room designs, residential and commercial textiles, bedding products and furniture to the Hospitality market in North America, combined with high degrees of interaction between client and firm and with un-paralled customer service, both things which seem to be lacking from most design firms these days.. More and more corporate structured and run, with little interaction between the firms and their respective clients, Mario aim is to change all of that and be readily available whenever a client calls no matter how big or small the job. MMBHD has lofty goals and aspirations and aims to expand and impact markets in Latin American and the Caribbean.

Today, with its main offices in Nashville, Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs' workforce has expanded across the United States to Miami and San Francisco. Our Founder, Head Designer and Principal, Mario Morales, along with his very talented staff and associates, a list of individuals Mario has come to rely on over the years have the experience and historical backing through his long list of completed projects to bring Room Design, Bedding Design and Furniture to the Hospitality industry, becoming the ultimate one-stop shop for the professional interior designer, hospitality property owner and purchasing company wanting that extra push required to stick out in today’s high demand, highly competitive market.  

Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs manufactures and markets top-of-the-line furniture at a reasonable price. Crafted (MADE / BUILT) in the United States, with the finest attention to American craftsmanship and design talents.

Modern contemporary style of design using impact colors but notice rather then use Lime Green Mario uses Olive and his favorites are Hunter Green and Deep Maroon red, going outside the box as everyone in the industry uses the same candid apple red and Lime colors.. 

His designs are not only trend-setting but cutting edge and always have a spark to them causing instant fanfare in all design circles.. Designers watch and Listen when Mario releases new designs and completes projects, and with customer satisfaction being his number one priority, he gives his personal attention and complete dedication to all his projects whether a luxury hotel project or a simple room for a friend or family member.. 

This guy puts his heart, energy, and soul into every project he does and designs.. He is a workaholic mangling two phones, two iPads, two computers, and always seems to be doing something.. 

More stunning examples of Mario's Work in the Hospitality Industry...

Whenever anyone hears success is easy and not hard has never seen someone like Mario work, constantly wanting to better himself and learn yet, he is still humble enough to ask and seek the advice of all of those around him, treating everyone with importance and the respect they deserve. He gives everything and expects the people around him to perform but is the first to reward or say thank you or great job, once that happens. A genuine individual who left an impact on myself the first time I had the pleasure of meeting him.. 

Now many of you may think I have known him for 20 years yet its been less then a months and in that time I have seen a genuine caring individual deserving of everything he has which he has accomplished through hard work and dedication. I admire him and value our friendship as he is truly an individual who knows the value and payoff in hard work and passion in your job.. 

Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs and  delivers fashion, sophistication and a unique lifestyle. Our goal is to provide 100% durability, design uniqueness and branding, cost effective proposals and projects, and high degrees of trendy styles  for the commercial hospitality environment. We build relationships that last with our attention to service, delivery and design and of course our goal of 100% customer satisfaction through interaction and communication.

Mario Morales founder and previous owner of Mario & Marielena, brings more than 20 years of high end interior designer resource experience in the textiles, bedding, accessories, drapery and furniture business. He successfully continuously provides the design trade with innovation and cutting edge design and new and invigorating trend setting designs.

What makes them so Unique… Easy! They are unique among design firms in that we have a high degree of Collaboration between our client and the designer, to then blend fashion with quality materials and alluring design to create a finished product that was unique and original that both designer and client are satisfied.

More examples of Mario's stunning work...

More traditional decor and modern furniture design... 

The designs shown above will bring life and uniqueness to any modern contemporary home. Designs that are original unique and impact full very well describe the designs created by Mario Morales, truly a talented Individual... 

Our standard service includes textile assistance, dimensional changes, creative modifications, all in an effort to create a finished product that is exactly what our client needs and gives them a feeling of complete satisfaction, which is our number one goal with any project. We also aim to make every particular project shine and stick out among the many redesign projects occurring in todays very intensely competitive hospitality industry

Our design influences, techniques, and look range from contemporary to traditional, and as a firm are not afraid to tackle complicated demands, logistics, or the challenges of any design style available today or even create a new style as unique as our clients themselves. We strongly believe good materials, good craftsmanship and good design, with high degrees of collaboration and communication with our clients will ensure a finished product that is both unique, spectacular, and sticks out among others which in turn will generate new business for our clients.

We are in the business of creating a complete package, starting with the design aspect and ending with a unique product that will generate new business opportunities for our clients in the Hospitality industry where simple things that are not present in their competitors can make them shine among the thousands of choices consumers can make. We have a strong conviction to customer service and our goal is to achieve complete satisfaction and we accomplish this by combining good customer relations & services, good business practices and affordable and very competitive prices, combined with logistical and creative support for every Project that comes through our doors. This should make us your number one choice.

In conclusion Mario has had a long and detailed history one filled with shining examples of his work, that clearly shows his dedication to the design industry. His continued work in the industry and production of several trend setting design ideas have proven that not only does this guy have what it takes but it makes him and his new company one to look out after and watch and possibly even follow because where they go, most likely everyone else will likely follow.. 

His new firm does their work in the following steps.. 

Design assistance & collaboration
Design concept storyboards
Guest Room Renderings
Material Coordination


Planning & execution coordinator
Dedicated Client- Project manger 


Concept to execution

Should any of you want to personally contact Mario, please follow the link found below to his contact form on his website.. 

or visit his website @

Hope all of you enjoyed learning about one of the most talented designers in today's highly competitive interior design business... 

AG Home Goods

Kitchen & Dining Ideas...

Kitchen & Dining Ideas... 

Today I am sharing with all of you Kitchen and Dining ideas for your home.. I have prepared all sorts of things that many of you will find very interesting.. From complete kitchen sets to cutting boards and unique tables of glass.. Read on for a complete Kitchen and Dining post will teach all of you a little something..

Enjoy the pics and post... 

Stainless Steel Kitchen... 

While the picture above might be a little bit over the top, stainless steel is almost a no-brainer when it comes to kitchen appliances. Sure, you have other options, but why not go for the classic yet modern, sophisticated yet stylish, stainless steel?
It’s always in fashion, and it will, nine times out of ten, match whatever decor you surround it with.
So what is it about stainless steel that is so appealing?
First, it is a sophisticated material. Your oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and, yes, even your garbage bin will enjoy a glean of sophistication when you choose to have them done in stainless steel.
If you are able to get all of your appliances – the large and the small – in stainless steel, your kitchen will have a posh, unified look that will verge on the ultimate in style.
Stainless steel is a clean look, one that makes its surroundings look neat and organized as well. The crisp lines and reflective surface would be a luxurious addition to any home.
Although stainless steel will make your appliances stand out more than if you chose to conceal them, they’ll stand out with a bold, beautiful punch. Stainless steel is the material of bold designers who want to accentuate their stylish flair.
If you’re looking for a way to bring together your kitchen in sophisticated, timeless, yet ultra modern style, stainless steel is the way to go.

Range Hoods... 

In most homes, a range hood is there to keep grease from accumulating on walls, paint from peeling and odors from taking over in a kitchen. However, a stylish range hood can completely transform the look of your kitchen and even become a focal point!
The first thing that you need to decide is if you prefer a range that fits under a cabinet or one that is wall mounted. You also need to determine if your range will exhaust pollutants outside or if you’re going to buy a recirculating one.
Some range hoods have dishwasher-safe filters which is rather convenient. You may also want to consider if you want one that is completely smooth or if you won’t mind getting a toothbrush out to scrub any grooves.
Would a remote control be handy or do you want one that turn on by itself when the heat sensors tell it to? You should also evaluate the lighting. A well lit cooking area allows you to really get a good look at the food you’re preparing.
Noise Level
If you find one on sale but the noise level is a little obnoxious, keep shopping. A great deal isn’t so spectacular when the volume on the television in the next room has to be turned up or if your guests have to talk over the noise. A range should never become a distraction!

Dining Rooms... 

While you may assume that bigger is better when shopping for a dining room table, you need to take the space into consideration. That gorgeous, extra wide table may look spectacular in the showroom but it will quickly dwarf a small room. Not to mention, you want your guests to be able to comfortably walk behind the chairs (not squeeze), even when they are occupied.
Average Size
Most dining room tables measure around 30 inches tall with an average width of 36 to 42 inches. While that may not seem like a big difference, six inches can have a positive or negative effect on a room. Unless you absolutely have to, avoid tables that are narrower than 30 inches as things tend to get a little cramped if you have all of the seats filled.
Round or Square?
Although square tables tend to be preferred, if you do a lot of entertaining, round dining room tables are actually ideal because your guests can chat a little easier. Not to mention, since they sit on a pedestal, there are no legs to take up extra space. If you love the look of a traditional square table that seats four people but you know that on occasion you like to invite over an extra couple, consider buying one with a leaf that can be added and invest in two additional chairs that you can store in the spare room.
The Extras
If you have a rug under your dining room table, it needs to measure at least four feet wider and longer than the table. This will allow room on all sides. No one enjoys sitting in a chair half on and half off of a rug.
Also, if you have a large chandelier, your dining room table needs to be 12 inches wider than the piece. This will balance the room and ensure that no one hits their head when they stand up.

More Dining Ideas...

Make your next evening one to remember. The modern dining room can be conceived of in many ways, but one of the most popular has been to incorporate Italian styling, for its sophisticated, minimalist roots. The Party Modern Dining Set is designed by Antonello Italia, a native of Italy, to be a luxurious dining experience. The basic set contains your choice of either walnut or wenge table with a black or white glass tabletop, and four matching leather chairs, customizable in one of over twenty different options. You can infuse this rich, deluxe dining set with your own personality, and watch as your guests marvel at your sense of style. The Party Modern Dining Set by Antonello Italia can be found at eRoomService.com for $4,375.00 and up, depending on additional components.

Modern Buffets... 


Sophisticated, contemporary and a taste of Italian influence. It would make sense for an Italian-inspired piece to be available in the kitchen, the place where so many of our favorite savory dishes comes from. The City Modern Buffet is an embodiment of the sleek styles to come out of Italy, and it is infused with an air of sophistication that can only come from modern living. The large main storage area is composed of rich wenge, while the doors are genuine brown leather. This combination of textures will inspire any chef to be daring with his or her next meal. 

This City Modern Buffet can be found at Spacify.com for $2,180.00.

Modern Tables...

dining room set

Enjoy your meals in style with this Fly Dining Room Set. The table features an ebony base composed of two crossed thick wooden legs that hold up a unique plexiglass tabletop. You can enjoy a touch of class with your meals, as the pristine white leather of the chairs compliments the eye-catching table. The chairs are made of genuine white leather that is woven onto the frames to create a secure, stable and comfortable seat. A high-gloss, matching buffet is also available that will round out your dining room and ensure a consistent and modern decor is maintained throughout the entire room. You can purchase the Fly Dining Room Set from Spacify for $4,811 which includes 6 chairs and the table, or for $7,900 which includes the 6 chairs, table and ottoman.

A Unique Cutting Board...

ONE CUTTING BOARD IS NEVER ENOUGH, so designer Ed Annink created the Cut-in-Half which actually separates into seven smaller pieces. Sizes for each board vary from orange-wedge sized to the full-size base, making this useful for both chopping and serving. Made from seasoned beech wood.
$288, driadekosmo.com

Glass Glass and more Glass... 

FANS OF SUPERMAN’S ICE FORTRESS (you know you’re out there) will love Haziza’s line of dining, coffee and console tables. The rest of us can at least appreciate the way light interacts with the multifaceted acrylic shards, each of which seems to grow organically from the base. Available in over a dozen colors, we definitely prefer our tables without any tint; the other colors come across a bit too flashy–flashy for folks sans superpowers, that is.

Kitchen and Dining Ideas...

AG Home Goods

B&B Italia @ imm Cologne 2012.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Lighting, Lighting, & more Lighting...

Lighting, Lighting, & more Lighting...

Today I am sharing with all of you secrets in lighting and how to open up your home to the brightness and openness that comes with properly set lighting. I will also talk about several new and unique products in lighting.. 

Enjoy the pics and post...

Lighting Openess... 

Regardless if you are working with synthetic or natural light, it has the ability to energize not just your home but the people in it as well. Brilliant touches of radiance can invigorate your home instead of letting dark spaces create a dismal mood. These easy tips will bring light to your space to add cheer to your day.
  • Welcome the Sun – Sheer window treatments, like sheer Levolor Blinds, provide brighter color by allowing natural light to fill the room. Thoughtfully placing mirrors where the light will be reflected will add a bright, positive energy to your space.
  • Avoid Clutter – Ottomans and storage benches are ideal for hiding blankets, magazines, etc., when not in use. Also, avoid adding too much furniture or art to a room. Too many objects in a room can cause it to appear smaller and darker.
  • Make Use of White – While white may not be the color you immediately think of when you picture contemporary design, small hints of it can certainly go a long way in brightening up your space. Fluorescent bulbs used in white accent lamps will offer you a more natural feel with your lighting while white moldings, shelves and picture frames can add just a hint of contrast in a darker room.
Light plays a key role in your mood and overall appearance of a room and should be treated as a primary decorating element, not an afterthought!

The Puff Light... 

At first glance, the Puff Light pictured above probably looks a little like something you would have hanging in the shower, right? Well, this is not a loofah! Created by Josh Urso Design, this sculptural pendant lamp is made from resin-impregnated fabric that is strategically arranged into a spherical burst.

The Puff Light is available in 24 different colors and patterns, all offering a nice rich texture. So, whether you are looking for a yellow light to go with your country cottage theme, a moss green color to compliment your spa decor or a black and white print to become a focal point in a contemporary room, there is a fabric available for you in a Puff Light!

These fresh and fun lights are environmentally-friendly, come with CFL bulbs and all the hardware that you need for hanging. Don’t let the flirtation of this piece fool you into thinking that it won’t dent your pocket book though, the Puff Light is anything from cheap! They range from $770 for a 10-inch light up to $5,280 for one that is 4-feet. Can you imagine one of these whimsical lights hanging from your ceiling that is that big? Your neighbors would have a hard time topping this one! View all of the available colors of the Puff Light and Plush Pod.

A Unique Lighting Pendant...

While it can be a challenge at times to keep up with design trends, one thing that will never go out of style is brilliant lighting. In many homes, a flip of the switch and an occasional lamp is the extent of the thought process when it comes to adding lighting to decor however, light should be used to highlight accents, not be an afterthought. Of course, natural light is always welcome and preferred but when the sun isn’t finding its way through your windows, you need to brighten your home with style.
  • Pendants – Hanging multiple pendants together over an island or kitchen table certainly adds a lot of original and interest to your room.
  • Strands – Think string lighting with big round bulbs! These can be hung in an endless number of configurations. You can create a waterfall with several strands or even use them to divide off a room.
  • Chandelier – While you may not associate chandeliers with modern design, you will be surprised at the styles that are available today. Chandeliers simply have a way of demanding attention and becoming a focal point in any room.
  • Waterfall – Table top lamps that feature strands of reflected glass or metallic beads will add sparkle to your space. Set them near a mirror for a real treat!
The stunning Mercury Ceiling Suspension by Artemide that is featured in the picture can be found at Lumens.

Phillips LED Living Colors Light...

Live in color. The Philips LivingColors LED lamp and mini-lamp are indispensable lighting pieces for any modern home. If you’re looking for a flexible, ultra-sleek, versatile and modern lamp, there really is no other. With over 16 million color choices suited to your mood, activity, time of day and so many other factors, you can use this lamp for everything from entertaining guests to reading before bed. And the best part – its compact, rounded shape allows it to go wherever you need it, and the cute modular remote means you can adjust the color on the fly, from anywhere in the room.
We here at Padstyle got to try a full sized LivingColors lamp out, and it is now a permanent fixture in our office. We use the color wheel on the remote control to adjust the lamp to our needs: a deep yellow tone when we want to get down to business, a rich magenta for lunch, and a soothing blue when it’s time to pack up and go home. You can customize this lamp to flood the walls with bright, neon green, or bring down the tone to a more mellow tea green with just a hint of yellow. The possibilities are as endless as the color spectrum.

You can set this lamp up on the floor in the corner of your room to fill it with subtle color, or you can set it on a mantle or table facing the wall for a more direct beam. A date night might require a dazzling crimson to evoke passion and excitement, while a lazy Sunday spent catching up on your reading could be spend awash in a pale goldenrod. However you live, you can create your own ambiance.
The regular size LivingColors lamp allows for the full 16 million color choices, and its body is made of transparent clear plastic. The mini-lamp comes in your choice of glossy white or black, and can emit 256 colors. Both are great for setting the mood, and you can even set up several regular sized lamps to run on the same remote if you really want to flood your home with color.

If you only buy one lamp this year, this is the lamp to get.

Artful lighting. Two shapes come together to make this sconce a subtle piece of art that will light up your living room, hallway, kitchen or bathroom. The rounded rectangular sconce itself if balanced by the two circles that rest comfortably underneath. This sconce is available in polished nickel or rubbed bronze. By using contrasting straight and rounded lines, this sconce gives off a bold statement that is tempered by a smooth, sophisticated style. Any modern home will enjoy the subtle style that this light exudes through its unique adornments and its use of contrasting forms. 

You will find the Dianelli ADA Sconce at ModernFurnitureClassics.com for $495.00.

IS IT ART OR IS IT A LIGHT? Â  What is it?   It is actually both.   Lighted wall art is all the rage in modern design both in terms of function and beauty.   This piece of art literally lights up home interiors, while creating a sophisticated focal point.   Garnish walls in living rooms, family rooms, and home offices with a piece that certainly will be a conversation piece.

  Designed by Jedeisgns, the Leguna Lightbox 2 features digitally created paintings.   These lightboxes are available in custom size and a part of a limited edition.  

You can purchase the Leguna Lightbox 2 from 2Modern.com for $1,500.00.

Lighting ideas and new products. By

AG Home Goods

Poltrona Frau @ imm Cologne 2012.

Poltrona Frau in other spaces
imm Cologne 2010
Milan 2010

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