Thursday, July 26, 2012

lyla bean.

well little miss is 4 months old! where did the time go?

Dear lyla,

I think we hit the jackpot in the baby department. You is so good and you hardly ever cry.

You do however like to be held 24/7 ... it is not such a bad gig holding you all day, your cute.

You have these cute little pink striped pajamas, dad says it looks like you broke out of pink prison.

Speaking of dad, you like to sit in his arms and watch the Cardinals and golf...He is very hopeful you will watch football with him this fall.

You love to laugh at Elisabeth, sometimes if you can't be held you cry... Elisabeth sings and you stop.

You don't laugh at Jude...ever...he tries but you must not think he is funny.

You are quickly learning the art of fashion, playing princess, making cookies, and sleeping through noise. Your also the first baby in our house who isn't scared of the vacuum. 

You have been sleeping through the night for 6 weeks now ... 9 pm to 8am.

You suck your 2 middle fingers ... like a rockstar...I have tried to take your fingers out and give you a pacifier instead...but you just spit the pacifier out and cram your fingers back in your mouth.

We love you so much little lady lovely locks.

What do you say Lyla girl...shall we... 



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