Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New branding and changes at Avant-Garde

New branding and changes at Avant-Garde

Today I am sharing with all of you all the interesting and exciting changes at Avant-Garde and the new logo designs our graphic artist Edward Saunders has made for our company.. 

First everything has been redesigned on the site. From the logos and branding to ythe actual user interface in our store and main site www.aghomegoods.com. The new interface is easier, bertter on the eyes, and simple.. Simplicity is key when navigating our new site.. Please have a look and feel free to coment on our improved site.. 

First the logos and branding have been completely redone.. Here is a brief sample of some of them.. 

New storefront headers..

New Ag Home Goods Footers

New Ag Home Goods Headers

New Ag Home Goods Headers

New storefront and site category Headers

Here are a few samples...

New picture images using the same style format...

New category images 

All showing our logo and branding... The new category small images also match and have been made part of the larger category header banner.. For example the bathroom header banner is a picture with the box picture also part of the banner becoming the small square category image..


Bathroom Header Banner 

Bathroom Category Small Image

We have started to publish all odf our new cghaqnges and have already almost completely finished our main site and our store withg many changeds already made to ouyr information site and Interior designs site as well.. Stay tuned for our changes to be finioshed in the next week or so.. Hope this makes it easier on all of you to navigate our site.. 

Thanks for the support..

AG Home Goods.. 


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