Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ethnic House - Minimalist Home Design

Portugal Design Ethnic HouseEthnic Style HouseJavanese Ethnic House DecorationGreat Ethnic House Design

Spanish House - Minimalist Home Design

Modern Spanish House Dining Room InteriorDark Blue Spanish HouseModern Spanish House Front InteriorClassical Spanish Bedroom Design Investing In Spanish PropertyLuxury Spanish House Interior

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Modern Design Wooden Houses - Modern Home Minimalist

Beautiful wood design houses that will probably inspire you. Wooden houses can be very nice and modern design. With ideas for a modern wooden house that looks like the design concept, a very interesting and beautiful. In general, natural brown dye was found in all parts of a printing house of the modern idea of ​​a natural harmony with wood the natural environment. The wood may be more resistant

Friday, July 29, 2011

Big House - Minimalist Home Design

Luxury Interior In Big HouseThe Big HouseAmazing Big HouseNice Big House And Little Garden Elegant Big HouseColonial Big HouseAmazing Big House

Bedroom Styles - Minimalist Home Design

Children Bedroom FurnitureBeautiful Bedroom StyleMinimalist Bedroom StyleLuxury Bedroom StyleSimple Bedroom DesignUnique Bedroom DesignLuxury And Modern Bedroom Style

Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

After stumbling upon some pallet furniture ideas (as seen in my blog post here) on Pinterest, I completely changed my mind about what I was looking for in a coffee table.  I recruited my husband to help me make a new coffee table out of shipping pallets (I am 9 months pregnant so Nate stepped in to make my idea come to life). He had a few extra half pallets down at his office that would be a perfect size. We wanted something smaller than what we had so that we could actually walk around it to get to the couch. We snagged the 2 that were the closest in size (which was still a few inches off). I love that these things are just thrown together with staples, screws, and nails. The wood is all different and I don't think they really care if they line up or not (I guess they don't need to because they are for shipping...not coffe tables).

Pallet Coffee Table - Tutorial 
1) Using shipping pallets, align a few of them in order to get the look and height you want. We ended up cutting about an inch off of one of them in order for them to be closer in size (but not perfect... their shipping pallets for goodness sakes!)

NOTE:  ***Before selecting your pallet, make sure that you are aware of how the pallet was treated in order to make sure it is safe for your house. All pallets should be marked with a code that lets you know how it has been treated.
-Heat treatment (HT) (SAFEST OPTION FOR USE IN YOUR HOME)-Methyl bromide fumigation (MB) -Chemical pressure impregnation (CPI)It is also very important to make sure that the pallet is free of insects. Make sure the wood is in good condition and does not splinter easy

2) With nails or screws, secure parts of the pallet that are split or coming apart.

3) With a medium grade sand paper, sand the surfaces of the pallets to prep them for stain.

4) Stain both pallets with your desired stain color. Keep in mind that most pallets are made with a variety of wood. The stain will look different on each piece and each pallet. Make sure to wipe off the extra stain in order for it to dry.

5) Let the pallets dry overnight. Using a spray polyurethane, spray a few coats to protect the stain.  Make sure to follow the directions on the can. We did multiple light coats with more than 4 hours to dry in between. After 3 coats, the table was a little tacky to the touch. We used 220 grain sand paper and did a very light sanding over the 2 surfaces to take away the tacky feel.

6) Using wood screws, attach the pallets together. 
***Before we attached the pallets together, we decided that we wanted the table to be a little higher. We took some left over 2x4s, stained them, and placed them at the base of all 5 support beams. This rased the table 4 inches but did not alter the look. ***

7) Using your choice of casters (we used 2in swivel plate casters), attach the wheels to the base of the table.

8) Enjoy your new table! 

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Modern Dining Room - Minimalist Home Design

Modern Italian Dining RoomModern Japanese Dining RoomLuxury Modern Dining RoomUltra Modern Dining Room DesignAmazing Modern Blue Dining Room DesignElegant Modern Dining Room DesignRed Interior Dining Room

Modern Kitchen Design - Minimalist Home Design

Modern Brown Wooden Kitchen DesignLuxury And Modern Red Kitchen Design Round Modern Kitchen DesignClassic White Modern DesignSimple But Modern Kitchen DesignUnique Kitchen DesignMinimalist Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Living Room - Minimalist Home Design

Romantic Modern Living Room DesignModern Yellow Living Room DesignBlack And White Color Modern Living RoomLuxury Living Room DesignElegant Living Room DesignFull White Color Modern Living RoomMinimalist Modern Living Room

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Modern Home Furnishing - Minimalist Home Design

Ultra Modern Home FurnishingBeautiful Modern Home FurnishingBlack Color Modern Home FurnishingLuxury Home FurnishingModern Brown Living RoomLuxury Interior Home FurnishingStylish Bedroom Furnishing

Contemporary Bedroom - Minimalist Home Design

Elegant Contemporary BedroomLuxury Contemporary BedroomLuxury Contemporary BedroomFull White Contemporary BedroomJapanese Contemporary BedroomUnique Brown Contemporary BedroomSimple Contemporary Bedroom

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garrison House Style - Minimalist Home Design

Garrison Colonial House DesignLuxury Garrison House DesignBeautiful Green Garrison House StyleBig Red Garrison House StyleLight Garrison House DesignBeautiful Garrison Bedroom DesignWooden Garrison House Design

Transylvania House Design - Minimalist Home Design

Simple White Transylvania House DesignLuxury Transylvania House DesignBeautiful Transylvania Bedroom DesignElegant Transylvania House DesignSimple Transylvania Dining Room DesignLuxury Transylvania Living Room DesignElegant Transylvania Kitchen Design

Uppercase Living FUN!!

New Dining Room Decal
A new addition to our dining room courtesy of Abby at Uppercase Living. We love it and can't wait to do more vinyl sayings, project, and artwork around the house! Check out her projects that she has done at her house here!

 Monogram Artwork for Nursery
I also took a print that we had shoved away in a closet and gave it an up-do with some UpperCase Living decals.  I took one of my many paint samples (Mineral from Bear) and painted over the martini glass and shaker. The martini and cocktails is not really the look we are going for in the nursery ;) 
 After a coat of paint, I followed the application instructions and started adding the vinyl decals.

 Good by martinis and cocktails, hello monogram artwork for our new arrival!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Contemporary Living Room - Minimalist Home Design

Living room furniture sets from Danish furniture maker BoConcept are not just cool looking but are extremely functional and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a casual and laid back look, sleek and stylish, or modern and contemporary, BoConcept offers a wide variety of urban living room furniture to suit your taste. The colours black, white and brown dominate throughout. Take a look.Elegant

Retro Dining Room - Minimalist Home Design

Luxury Retro Dining RoomClassic Design Retro Dining RoomUnique Interior Retro Dining RoomBlack Retro Dining RoomWhite Retro Dining RoomSimple Yellow Retro Dining RoomClassic Brown Retro Dining Room

How to make a Turban Style Headband

I love this look. The turban headband popped up on runways all over the place in Spring 2011. Since I don't have $400.00 to buy one, and like to do things in "Reclaimed Wreckage" style, here's a tutorial on how to make one from a recycled T-shirt.

First, cut out two 5" x 22" sections from your t-shirt.

Fold them in half and sew. When sewing stretchy fabric without a serger, it helps to use a small zig zag stitch rather than a typical straight stitch. It allows the finished garment to stretch more without breaking your stitches.

Turn them inside out so you have two tubes. Next, we'll "link" them.

Lay one out flat, across the table, and lay the other on top of it to make a criss-cross.

Now, fold the bottom layer up, to link the two.

Fold the other side up.

When you pick them up, it should look like this:

Now, match the seams up, and sew the raw edges together.

You will be sewing through 8 layers of jersey at this point.

Finish your seam however you'd like and wear it with the raw edges facing in against your hair. All done!

In hindsight, I think I'd like to experiment with making it thicker, finding some stretchy lace, or embellishing it. But enjoy your new headband and take pride in knowing that you created it yourself from materials that would have been thrown out. Congratulations!

Interior Addiction

Please click photo above for larger image.

Home Sweet Houseboat
Included in rez faux is the undecorated houseboat with dock attached. 167 prim - mod/copy
Box of outer decor which includes: 6 x planters (pink flower) - 2 prim each - mod/trans, 6 x planters (red flower) - 2 prim each - mod/trans, 1 x anchor - 1 prim - mod/trans, 1 x ship's wheel - 1 prim - mod/trans, 1 x string of paper lanterns - 9 prim - mod/trans and 1 x Flowers in bucket - 3 prim - mod/trans.

Info card is available via a sign located next to the vendor.

Interior Addiction @ SL Designers Remix

Minimalist Home Design Paracaima - Minimalist Decorating Idea

Located in Mexico City, Mexico, this is called Paracaima minimalist house design home. designer by dcpp Arquitectos:That gave us a project that consists of two main volumes that intersect: The first volume consists of an arch, a large structural concrete 25 cm and 7.5 mts. high, which brings another volume. This book contains a major open area with an outdoor terrace, with a roof of a passing

Amazing Bedroom Design - Minimalist Home Design

Glasses BedroomAmazing Unique Bedroom DesignSimple Unique Bedroom DesignLuxury and Amazing DesignElegant Bedroom DesignAmazing Bedroom Design With A Panoramic View

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Indian Bedroom Design - Minimalist Home Design

Beautiful Decor Indian Green Bedroom DesignElegant Indian White Bedroom DesignIndian Moulin Rauge Bedroom DesignSimple Indian Bedroom DesignModern And Minimalist India Bedroom Decor DesignIndian Bedroom InteriorWooden Interior Indian Bedroom Design

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Best House Design - Minimalist Home Design

House Design by 3lhd in Zagreb CroatiaBeautiful House DesignHollywood House of the Best DesignNorth Bridge HouseThe Best Living Room DesignCustom Luxury Home Marc Canadell

Hollywood House Design - Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist Hollywood House InteriorBlack And White Concept Guest Room DesignContemporary Hollywood House DesignElegant Hollywood Office DesignHollywood Hills Open Concept House DesignLuxury Hollywood Home DesignHollywood Glamor Interior Design

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wood Living Room - Minimalist Home Design

Wood Living Room DesignLuxury Wood Living RoomElegant Wood Living Room DesignFull of Woods DecorationLiving Room Decor GalleryModern Wood Living RoomLuxury And Modern Wood Living Room

Living Room Sets - Minimalist Home Design

Classic Living Room SetsElegant Living Room SetsSimple and Luxury Living Room SetsTwo Colors Living Room's ChairGreen Living Room SetsZen Living RoomPink Living Room Sets

Home Desk #4.

Form follows function | Function follows form - I argue that form and function should always walk side by side. This way we can achieve a different yet communicative piece of design to make the difference in a world of abundance. It could sound redundant though I think it's a subject to reflect further.

Anyway, this home desk by Nádia Soares is a good example of form and function hand-in-hand. Super functional and engaging, the Multi Storage desk is a successful mix of shelves and desk which beauty is enhanced by its function, meaning, it is your accessories of decoration, material memories and books that will personalize the product.

It's indeed a white canvas where you decide to start on a collage, don't you think?

Shop online.

Luxury Bedroom Design - Minimalist Home Design

Luxury Bedroom Design With Elegant Bed StyleLuxury Green Bedroom DesignAmazing And Beautiful of This Luxury Bedroom DesignClassic And Luxury Bedroom DesignBlack And White Luxury Bedroom DesignSoft Brown Luxury Bedroom DesignMinimalist And Luxury Bedroom Design

Pink Bedroom - Minimalist Home Design

Luxury Kids Pink BedroomSimple Pink BedroomLuxury And Elegant Soft Pink BedroomBeautiful Pink BedroomLuxury Soft Pink BedroomLuxury Interior Pink BedroomFull of Pink Colors

Peach Colour of House - Minimalist Home Design

Classic Peach BedroomModern Peach Dining RoomPeach HousePeach HousePeach Modification Living RoomLuxury and Unique BathroomElegant Peach Bathroom

Thursday, July 21, 2011

House with Woods Interior - Minimalist Home Design

Wood Bedroom Home Interior DesignElegant Wood Dining room Interior DesignWood Kitchen Home Interior DesignContemporary House Interior Wood Design by Charlie and Co DesignAquino House Luxury Home Design InteriorRaw Stone And Woods InteriorBeautiful House with Woods Interior

Girly Bedroom Decoration - Minimalist Home Design

Cool Pink Bedroom Decorative Room for Barbie Princess DiamondClassic Girly BedroomElegant Purple Girly BedroomMinimalist Girly BedroomKids Girly BedroomCute Girly Bedroom DecorationGirls Bedroom and Living Room

The Chain Draped Goddess Harness

I know it's semi-normal to be obsessed with your own creations, but honestly.... I think I out-did myself on this one:

-From collarbone to last draped chain: 14"
-16" neck space
-34" draped chain in back
-12" off draped chain detailing

It can be tough to find the perfect piece of statement jewelry to add to an ensemble, but we think you'll agree when we say this bold accessory really suits your amazing sense of style. The unique design and feminine rose chain actually creates a slimming effect through your torso for a sensational look that you can always rely on. Pair it with a black tank top, skinny jeans, and stilletos or drape it over a boring, t-shirt dress for a whole new look. Magnetic clasps behind the neck and behind the back make it a breeze to slip on and off. One size fits all.

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