Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Wellcome In Furniture Gallery

dining room furniture, modern furniture, kids furniture, discount furniture, living room furniture, ikea furniture, cheap furniture, furniture for sale, furniture on sale, furniture store, furniture warehouse, furniture, furniture stores.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday and a fantastic giveaway from eclectic decor boutique Zengerine!

I was lucky enough to be recently introduced to a very cool online shop called Zengerine. It combines two of my great loves: home decorating, and travel. While traveling I come across so many amazing objects, but expensive baggage costs and the desire to keep my bags light prevent me from snatching up all the amazing cultural décor I come across.

 Luckily, shops like Zengerine have collected little treasures from across the globe so you don’t have to carry them over great expanses of land and sea!

The folks at Zengerine are also awesome enough to give one lucky reader a gift of $75.00! All you have to do to enter is answer some questions in the widget below! (Each question you answer counts as 1 entry).

 Currently most of their product focus is on Asia, but they will be featuring products from all over the globe very shortly, so stayed tuned! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some of my favorite products from Zengerine

I cook a lot of Asian food, and this Chinese steamer set would be so beautiful for entertaining!

How adorable and unique is this tea set from JIA Inc. in Taiwan?! I love the little feet.

This is one of those cups that you just want to display as opposed to using…I think I would use it for a muffin and coffee breakfast on a beautiful Saturday morning out on the balcony though… This porcelain comes from Shanghai.

Drooling over this Jim Thompson Thai silk cosmetic bag!

These adorable salt and peppershakers are from Hong Kong Designer Loveramics.

I have a SERIOUS crush on this Japanese and tattoo inspired floral dishware by Paul Timman for Ink Dish. The first item in my cart was the set of mugs that match this set!

 Don't forget to enter this great giveaway by answering the questions in the widget above. The contest closes on September 9, at 6PM EST. I will announce the winner on September 10. Good luck, and have a great holiday weekend!

DIY leg warmers

DIY leg warmers

step one : Go to Target , find the women's sock section and get a pair of socks on clearance...I got mine for 75 cents. I also like ones with stripes so I don't have to measure where I cut....I just match up the pattern...but honestly any long pair of socks will do.

step two: get a pair of scissors and cut off the foot at your desired length.

step three: apply to one really cute pair of baby legs.

I used to sew the ends, which you can do if you want, but I have found it isn't really needed. You can machine wash and air dry. I never dry these  b/c I don't want the color to fade. 

and there you have folks...simple, cute, and cheap. 

this week on etsy...science and nature

Aren't these vintage test tube racks from Etsy seller Science Supply charming? She outfits the vintage racks with new glass tubes and includes rubber stoppers to use them for spices as well.

Shop here.

Fearless Fantasy Friday - In The Midnight Garden

A magical, fairy/fantasy sort of room for those who love that sort of thing.

Pics from Nicety via Living Etc.

Very dreamy and ethereal.

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies!

Linda. xox


I'd love you to help me spread the word about the Tiny Tidy Challenge.

If you have a moment, click here for a pre-prepared Tweet to help out.

Thanks. :)

I bet there's plenty of people  out there who could do with the support!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blissful bedrooms galore

I don't think I will ever be the type of person who wakes up at an "acceptable" hour without an alarm. My bed is one of my favorite places. Considering my enthusiasm for sleep, I also share a similar enthusiasm for the bedroom. Cheap beds or higher end, they all deserve some lovely surroundings.

This elaborate ebony bed is an amazing focus point.

Love the soft pink combined with dark gray.

What do you think about putting a dresser at the foot of the bed?

images above via Elle Decor

Love the blue on that wall.

How gorgeous are those windows.

images above via Hus & Hem

huge hydrangea

Did you know there is a variety of hydrangea as big as your head?

You can find them at 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

devotional wednesday

{source: sissy prints } { <--------- click for a free download } 

"In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness,
but the number of prayers we answer may be of greater importance."
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I had two major prayers answered this week...praise God! 

Loved the above quote about becoming someones answered prayer...it is food for thought. 

Victory Ford's casual chic apartment in Lipstick Jungle

I don't know if you guys remember the show Lipstick Jungle from a few years back.  It was written by the same author of Sex and the City, but Lipstick Jungle only ran for two seasons I think.  I watched it on DVD awhile ago with some girlfriends and my favorite part of the show was the character Victory Ford's apartment.  They changed it a bit throughout the show, but it was always a pretty and chic space.

See below

This shot is the apartment in the second episode.  Notice the green room behind them, and the blue room behind that one.  In following episodes, the green room becomes the kitchen, painted light blue, and the room behind that one becomes Victory's design studio (she's a fashion designer in the show).

I really love the colors in the apartment.  There are a lot of combinations I would never think of, but once you see them you're like..."wow - that really works!"

Victory is now in the kitchen, which used to be the green room that you see in the first image. 

Looking from the kitchen, into the living room.
Another shot from the kitchen, looking into the living room.  Love the casual kitchen cart.

The two shots above are from the living room looking into the kitchen.  Her studio/workspace is behind them.

Victory's home studio, which we don't see too much of.

 I have a serious crush on her throw blanket.

 More of the living room..the two shots above were "night time" shots, so I had to really up the brightness so you can see details.

Some detail shots.  I think they subdued the purple in the living room after the first episode.

What do you think of the space?

All images from Lipstick Jungle Season 1, episodes 1 and 2.  © Universal Pictures Studios

Mayline Aberdeen Furniture: The Reliable Casegoods Solution

Mayline produces high quality executive office furniture collections we have all come to know and love. One of the longest standing and most popular of these collections is the Aberdeen series. This line of professional laminate casegoods forms the perfect combination of contemporary style and traditional quality.

In today's post we will cover the Mayline Aberdeen Casegoods collection and some of it's most unique pieces. Whether you are in the market for home or business furniture solutions, Aberdeen is always a reliable choice.

First and foremost, a little bit about the line. The Aberdeen Series of laminate casegoods combine fashionable aesthetics and unparalleled quality all in a package that is surprisingly affordable. Aberdeen's transitional style allows it to fit into any environment whether it be modular multi-station work areas or executive offices. Aberdeen provides exceptional abrasion and stain resistance along with technology and cable friendly components. Aberdeen furniture is available in three rich laminate finishes that include Mocha, Cherry, and Maple.

When selecting products to showcase in today's post we had to include the Mayline ACTB6 Aberdeen Conference Table. This professional boardroom table features a 1 5/8th inch work surface with hollow core construction. The ACTB6 features a versatile center grommet that can be outfit for power and data. Dimensions of this model are 72"W x 36"D x 29 1/2"H. Additional Aberdeen conference tables are also available if you are looking to outfit a larger space.

Secondly, we decided to include the AT35 Aberdeen Executive Desk Set. We just love the ample storage of this furniture package! The AT35 offers everything needed to outfit, design, and decorate an upscale office. This set features beautiful glass doors that really stand out, along with a 72" conference front desk that boasts ample leg room for guests. Don't let the high end looks deceive you! This awesome furniture set is incredibly affordable considering 11 pieces included.

Last but not least we decided to share the Aberdeen Reception Desk AT37. This laminate reception desk solution has long been a Mayline best seller. The AT37 features an attractive glass transaction screen and 48" return for added workspace and privacy. The AT37 station is also available with a wide range of matching seating and storage options (like the ones pictured above) that can be configured to meet the organizational needs of any office environment.

In the long run, this Affordable Mayline Furniture collection is hard to beat. Aberdeen is a line of professional casegoods that offers the versatility and reliability required to be the perfect solution for both home and executive business furniture needs. While some office furniture can be described as contemporary and others traditional, Aberdeen's unique blend of these characteristics place it in a category that can only be described as loved by all. In the coming weeks we will be sharing other popular Mayline furniture collections so stay tuned!

a pretty place...Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece

The wisteria overhead, the perfectly painted shop fronts with hanging lanterns, the nonchalant diners, the wrought iron racks, the cobblestones, the gnarly trunk, even a dog enjoying the sun beams combine to create a beautiful setting on an island in the Aegean between mainland Greece and Turkey. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Top 5 Best Conference Tables in 2012

Today we wanted to take the time to share some of the hottest new conference tables on the market. Whether your meeting space is large or small, we have a solution for you! Rest assured, the industry leading conference table solutions found in this post are from the best manufacturers in the business and are guaranteed to impress.

Modern Conference Table

Lets start things off with the Mayline TAC8TB Transaction Table. This technologically advanced boardroom table solution is taking meeting areas by storm. The TAC8TB is available in two stunning laminate surface finishes. Transaction table tops are complimented nicely by the modern metal base. Need a different size? No need to worry, Mayline offers a variety of additional Transaction tables to meet your individual spaces requirements.

Contemporary Conference Table

Next on our list is the Cherryman VL-870 Verde Conference Table. This table just screams contemporary style! Right from the get go we know this table offers excellent quality as it's made by Cherryman Industries. The VL-870 is also part of a full service office furniture line which allows for the cohesion of different office areas. It makes a professional statement when businesses choose to outfit there work areas with a matching line of furniture throughout! This stylish table is available in a variety of sizes and with a choice between cherry and espresso finishes.

Mystic Conference Table

The S1896K4 Lesro Mystic Series Conference Table makes our list at number 3. This new boardroom furniture solution features a unique elliptical work surface with underside shelf. The S1896K4 Mystic table is available in 6 stunning finishes. Mystic tables are also available in round and rectangular versions including a variety of space friendly sizes to meet your needs.

Bungee Tables

Commonly, modern businesses utilize work areas for more than one purpose. Training rooms, boardroom, and educational facilities have come to value modular functionality when shopping for a new conference table. That being said, the Global BXK132S Flip Top Bungee Table Set definitely makes our list. The Bungee line is a unique and versatile collection of tables specifically designed to gain the most out of your multi-use space. The BXK132S set includes a grouping of mobile flip top tables that configure to form a boat shaped conference table and a variety of popular training room furniture configurations. Bungee tables are available in 12 high end laminate finishes with a choice of configuration size and base finish. These tables really have it all!

Brighton Conference Room Furniture

Last but not least the Mayline BT31 Brighton conference room furniture set definitely deserves it's spot on our list. Where else can you find everything you need to build a professional conference room all in one package? The BT31 truly simplifies the conference room shopping experience! This unique set from Mayline features an 8' conference table, two 5-Shelf Bookcases, storage cabinet, glass display cabinet, low wall cabinet, and visual presentation board all for under $2200.00. Now that's a deal! Brighton discount conference room furniture is available in a choice of cherry and mocha laminates. This line of Mayline furniture is without a doubt the most affordable line of professional boardroom furniture on the market.

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