Thursday, July 5, 2012


Fitted  bedroom furniture was first introduced to offer storage solutions in a range of different styles. Initially the focus was on storage but as the market has grown the design element has become more important as homeowners  look to create a  personal space that is fashionable and stylish.
Despite this there are still  many companies that only offer a range of sliding doors, a limited solution in a world where people want a place they can come to at the end of the day to unwind, regroup and relax.
The latest trends indicate that  individuality in the bedroom will be key for the future.  The ability to mix colours, materials and textures as well as fitted and freestanding furniture  enables people to create a bedroom that is fresh and exciting.
New trends in bedroom design often echo those of the fashion world and follow kitchen design, hence the introduction of colour, glass and gloss finishes.  But that’s just the  beginning, coordinating fitted sliding doors with freestanding cabinets, dressing tables, even window seats , opens a whole new world of possibilities.
The consumers of tomorrow will not want everything to match, they will be looking to mix it up and create their own look  to enliven the bedroom and add interest.
This is a trend that will last because  homeowners can always change  pieces of furniture or add new pieces when the urge strikes or styles change.  
Choice and flexibility will drive sales forward as consumers look to one supplier  to  mix and match finishes and design all of the furniture for the bedroom rather than just the fitted wardrobes. 

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