Monday, January 21, 2013

letters from harvey.

harvey2 photo harvey2_zpsbf08b01b.jpg

dear family,
oh hey guys? remember me? you used to let me sleep on your lap in the car? I am not sure if the above photo is snuggling or a choke hold? either way it was fun, lets do it again!?

anyways I am not sure if you forgot, but I am still in the basement. I just thought I would remind you, you know just in case you forgot? did you forget that I am still down here?

hey dad.? tell mom I am sorry I almost puked upstairs all over the clean floors.
note to self: self, don't throw up on the floors or you'll get put in the basement.

hey mom.? tell dad I'm sorry he had to clean up all my puke...in the basement. I probably wasn't feeling well b/c I ate that plastic carrot nose from the snowman. oh! also tell jude and elisabeth I am sorry i peed all over their snowman and eat his carrot nose.I know they weren't happy about that.

While I am apologizing ... tell dad I am sorry i keep jumping on the treadmill. I am just trying to work off those pesky christmas pounds i put on.

hey?! remember that time I went out side, and started barking, and barking. you guys came outside to see what was going on ///only to find that  I had been sprayed in the face by a skunk?  good times. good times.

much love,

p.s. hutch says hi...he doesn't have anything to apologize because he is perfect. 


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