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Writing an Application Letter - Download Samples

The application letter is written in answer to a job advertisement. An application letter can also be written to a job opening that is not openly advertised. The aim is to obtain an interview with a company. An application letter is the initial correspondence the employer has with you. The employers judges you on the application letter,evaluating whether the candidate is competent enough or not.

The competition for jobs is so tough. The application letter really needs to stands out from the rest. The employers have to narrow it down to one candidate for the job position. It is a tough ask and your application letter and competitiveness matters.

The application letters are important portion of the product, the employers see in you. The curriculum vitae show the work experience and highlight the qualifications. The cover letter furnishes that the candidate is the most suitable for the specific position. It contains the reason for applying to a particular job.

It is good practice to write a specific application with the curriculum vitae. The employers or the recruiters have to go through many curriculum vitae, and by including an application letter, the application can stand out from the rest of the applicants.

The guidelines of writing an application letter

Application Letter
Application Letter Sample

  • It must be short and informative.
  • Ensure that name, address and contact information is clear and visible.
  • Sign the letter, even when it is typed out.
  • The name is below the signature.
  • Address to the particular person in charge. If the name is unknown, then mention To Whom It May Concern.
  • Do pay serious attention to grammatical mistakes. The layout of the application letter must be well organized. If there are grammatical errors and mistakes, it eliminates the candidate from the job hunt. It could be the very reason, that the application is rejected. It posts a negative impression of the candidate.
  • Ensure that the paragraphs follow a logical order and allows the employer to paint a pretty picture.
  • Do not include unnecessary information, which is irrelevant to the employer. Sweet talk is very unprofessional and may result in the application letter being rejected. 
  • Also, mention the position, you are applying for in the application letter. Mention the date of the application and place, where it was advertised. This ensures the employer that the homework has been completed by the employer.
  • Give your reasons, why are you interested in the job.

Application Letter Sample #1
Application Letter
Application Letter

Application Letter Sample #2
Application Letter

Job Application Letter Sample #4
Application Letter Sampl
Job Application Letter Example

Job Application Letter Sample #5
Application Letter Sampl
Job Application Letter Sample

Job Application Letter Sample #6
Application Letter Sampl
Application Letter Sample #6


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