Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Blog Look & A Sponsor Offer

During the last week my blog has undergone a makeover....
a subtle one with just a few tweaks & changes.

Having seen Blog Milk templates on a couple of blogs that I read regularly, I contacted them about helping me out. 
They were brilliant & I could not be happier with their work, I would recommend them 100%.

You can purchase one of their templates and install it yourself or if you need assistance with that (like I did), they will install it for you.

I would recommend having the work done for you since sometimes it's hard to visualise the changes until you can see them actually on your own blog - and often there are additional features you might like to add. 
They worked on my new layout until they were certain I was 100% happy.

They were super-patient with me....their work was also done exceptionally quickly
I believe they are also very competitively priced.
See more of their work here ....

A creative agency is always one option if you are thinking big....
but I recommend looking at different blogs, seeing which ones appeal to your personal style & contacting the designer directly. 

For some time now I have carried advertising on my blog & over the last year or so my blog has evolved into a part-time job for me.

It enables me to balance working from home with full-time parenting.
It has given me some great opportunities & a chance to work with brands that I love & admire.

From this month I am creating some "sponsor" spaces on my blog.
I will work with only a select few at any one time....
with brands or people that I feel will be a great fit with my blog & my readers.
(The same criteria that I also apply to my advertisers too).

If you are interested in sponsoring my blog, please do get in touch.
I have a variety of opportunities available.

You may be a small business, an established brand or a blogger who would like to widen their audience.....I have experience in working with all three on my blog.

You can read more about me in the "About Me" at the top of my blog or feel free to drop me at email at sla212 at hotmail dot com.

My blog will always be my place where I write about all the things that are on my mind & in my heart. 
A place of inspiration (hopefully!) & positivity....
I will always be me, that won't ever change!!


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