Friday, January 25, 2013

It Is Friday....Isn't It?

photo by Mario Testino

some weeks pass in a flash....
and some are so long that Monday seems like months ago

my mind is unusually preoccupied with parenting issues
i am working on "under-reacting"....
not that i'm necessarily over-reacting but a new approach seemed a good idea.
after i wrote this post lots of very wise & kind people offered their opinions.
i've read & re-read them.
my friend Lou suggested this book....
for the first time in my parenting career, i've bought a book about it.
i think it's time. if you need help, hold up your hands & shout loudly.
there is always someone there to help....

my husband is away on his annual boys skiing trip....
so this week-end my children & i are going to be tourists in our own city.
heading out for breakfast, hunting for some delicious treats & exploring some new places.
walking along the river & just enjoying the energy of the city.


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