Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not Just For October 31....

Fancy dress doesn’t just have to be reserved for Halloween; there are loads of opportunities where you can experience all of the fun and creativity of the holiday without the spooky motif. In fact without the constraints usually in place on Halloween, as in, the theme of horror, you are open to a whole new world of costume fun!

If you don’t believe me, cast your eyes over these five examples of dress up occasions you may not have thought of!

1) Your birthday – This is a great opportunity to dress up and because it is your special day and you get to choose the theme! If you are also in charge of the guest list you can make sure that no one has the same costume idea as well, meaning your outfit will be a complete original!

2) Movie night – Got a favourite movie? Or perhaps there is a new movie coming out that you simply cannot wait for? If you are thinking of hitting up a premiere, you cannot be seen on the sides of the red carpet without a top of the range costume.

3) Fancy dress competitions – This is always fun and is best for if you are holding a house party. You can award the best dressed, the most daring costume or perhaps the most convincing costume in your group. Come up with your own areas of award and be as creative as possible.

4) Out in town – Sometimes on a night out you get split up from your friends and as the night wears on you find it harder to keep a hold of everyone. If you are all dressed in a group costume, something striking like Smurfs or in morph suits, you will be able to spot members of your group all night long. If you are at a loss for inspiration for group costumes fancydressball.co.uk has a lot of fancy dress costumes.

5) Fancy dress with kids – If you are a parent of young children or you have young children in the family you will know the fun that can be had when you get out the fancy dress box, to keep adding to the fun, replenish your costumes regularly.


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