Thursday, January 31, 2013

e's cake.

I got a lot of compliments on Elisabeth's birthday cake. (thank you!) I just wanted to share how simple it really was to decorate. Step one: get a really cool and fancy frosting deco pen for christmas. step two: stalk pinterest for cake ideas (i chose this one) Step three: buy and make a cake from a box. step four: buy pre-made vanilla icing and dye it pink, because well ... the birthday girl requested pink frosting. step 5: put all children to sleep, except the birthday girl /// watch american girl: kit kittrigde with her while you frost the cake /// frost the cake like you normal would. step 6: load the pen and use the frosting tip shown in the above photo (i honestly have to idea what it is called, and i am to tired to google it.) Step 7: use your pen (note: a bag with a tip would do just as good of a job) and start making circles. keep making "circle flowers" until there is no more space. Step 8: birthday girl decided there needed to be sprinkles and a cupcake on the cake. add sprinkles and a cupcake /// top with banner.

and wahla approximately 6 hours later* you have a simple and oh so pretty cake that cost $3.00 to make. 

* 6 hour time lapse accommodated for dinner, a baby that wanted to be held,  bath time, bed time, and giggle time.


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