Friday, January 25, 2013

Ergonomic Furniture Deals You Can't Afford To Miss

When it comes to ergonomics in the workplace, it's all about utilizing products that will make YOU more efficient. That being said a wide selection of new ergonomic furniture solutions are on sale this month at prices you can't afford to pass up. Enjoy!

Product 1: ESI Apollo Station

ESI Apollo PAC Station

Wall mounted ergonomic stations have become incredibly popular over the past few years. Manufacturers like ESI have paved the way for this revolutionary style of product. Ergo workstations provide a space saving and cost effective solution to desking needs in the workplace. Units like the APOLLO-2-EC PAC Station utilize an innovative shuttle lift system designed to provide instant "touchdown" adjustment and provide comfort to users. The system also incorporates integrated stops for safety. Priced at $685.99, this unit is ideal for high use work areas and healthcare environments.

Product 2: Mayline VariTask Table

Mayline VariTask Table

When it comes to ergonomic desks, Mayline VariTask tables are definitely a worthy solution. This height adjustable office desk is on sale now for only $1387.99. The 650W model VariTask table is perfect for corner applications and is available in two attractive finishes. Perfect for both home and business use, the 650W features a durable electronic drive system, broad travel range, and adjustable keyboard surface for added user versatility. The thermally fused laminate work surface is manufactured to Mayline's high quality standards and ensure a lifetime of good looks.

Product 3: Ergonomic Concepts Table

Height Adjustable Office Table

A big part of office ergonomics is keeping things simple. This mentality is fully understood and put to work by brands like Ergonomic Concepts. This industry leading ergonomic furniture provider offers a wide range of products geared towards making life in the office go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Products like this height adjustable office table are available in 6 sizes and a huge selection of surface finishes to meet the individual decor needs of any space. The 24-50 inch adjustable capability is one of the largest spans available on the market. The 350 lb. weight capacity and low profile electric columns add to the quality and simplistic appeal. Needless to say, industry professionals are always quick to recommend Ergonomic Concepts Furniture like the 3624-L2.

Product 4: OFM Split Level Stand

OFM Split Level Stand

The OFM LCS-100 split level stand offers versatility and benefits to any space it accompanies. At a price of $99.99 this product should be a permanent fixture at every business. In the conference room this unit acts as a projector stand that adjusts easily to meet the needs of any presenter. In small offices it serves as a laptop desk with side mousing platform. Healthcare environments commonly rely on this awesome product as an overbed table. The list goes on and on! Available in 4 color combinations, the LCS-100 features locking casters and a limitless array of adjustment capabilities. This simple office product is a real winner in every sense of the word!

Product 5: Systematix Monitor Arm

Systematix Monitor Arm

Industry professionals are big fans of ergonomic monitor arms. That being said, not all models are created equal. The Systematix 7915 is the superior choice when it comes to flexibility. With this versatile monitor mount, sit and stand capabilities are just the beginning. When your screen is not in use, it's easily moves to the back of your workspace, completely out of the way. Both clamp mount and grommet mount systems are available to meet the needs of all modular workstations and are included at no additional charge. Priced at $165.99, this deal is hard to pass up.


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