Monday, January 7, 2013

Stunning Training Room Environments Built for Efficiency

The training room is an important part of any business. While most educational facilities utilize training room products, businesses are just jumping on board with this trend. No offense to conference room furniture, but the modular characteristics of training room products have helped them take over the number one spot in terms of office popularity. This article highlights several beautiful training areas sure to inspire your business while providing tips and product suggestions for your space along the way.

Space 1: Multi-Purpose

Modular Training Room Furniture

We all know that space is at a premium. This adage is especially true when it comes to business space. less and less we are finding that corporations are combining the needs of the conference room and training room together. Global Total Office has created a line of fully functional modern office tables designed to meet this specif need. The Modular Bungee table set highlighted in this multi purpose space allow the area to be transformed from conference to training in minutes. The mobility of this product makes for easy storage and even easier room cleaning! Along with the Bungee products, this space features a stylish presentation board, excellent for visual learners, creating graphs, and note taking. The attractive wall cabinet doubles as a beverage station and also keeps important materials secure when not in use. Overall this room is a real winner, affordable to create, and incredibly modern!

Space 2: Modern Style

Sync Training Room Furniture

When it comes to modern training room furniture, nobody does it better than Mayline. This popular office furniture manufacturer has offered the largest selection of products built specifically for training needs for years. Lines like Sync series used in this modern space are an example of their unbelievable craftsmanship. In addition to the Sync table solutions used, this space features beautiful tile floors that don't distract from the furniture. Natural lighting and attractive wall art complete the look. The lectern present at the front of the room is another essential product to any meeting space. Units like this popular model allow speakers and presenters to stand comfortably while holding important notes. This room is yet another example of perfection in the workplace.

Space 3: Flip N Go

Training Room Furniture

With so many awesome products to choose from it's no wonder why yet another collection of Mayline Casegoods has made this group of rooms. The Flip N Go space is named after the tables that accompany it. This room is built and used several times a day. Depending on the group of individuals utilizing it, these awesome new office tables can move to create nearly any shape desired. In addition the the mobile training tables, this area features a versatile multi-media cart perfect for holding your projector. The artwork in this area really stands out and catches the eye. Natural light and overhead lighting really brighten up the space which is nice in those not so entertaining meetings we all feel like sleeping through. Staying awake won't be hard in this space! The modern look and functionality of the furniture make it more than efficient.


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