Monday, January 7, 2013

Kellogg's Special K : "Model For A Day"

This week-end I was invited, along with 9 other bloggers, to attend a Kellogg's VIP event at the fabulous Westfield shopping centre.

Aware that this is the week of the year when most diets begin, Kellogg's are today launching a new campaign. Kellogg's Special K is focusing not just on losing weight but on what you will "gain" when you do lose.....be it direction, confidence, oomph, sparkle etc.

Positivity is everything....and the new campaign focusing on the positive side of losing weight & eating heathily.

We spent the morning in hair & make-up, being pampered & generally having a lovely time.

Our photos (taken by fabulous celebrity photographer Joel Anderson)  - plus an inspirational word of our choice - were then featured on giant billboards and screens around the shopping centre....
quite an experience!

To find out more about the Special K "What Will You Gain?" campaign, read here....

Thank you to the Special K team, especially the lovely Jess :)


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