Thursday, January 17, 2013

Luxury Leather Office Chairs Under $500

Having a luxury office chair in your office is easy if you know where to look! Some of the hottest styles on the market today are available for well below $500. That being said, today's article will highlight several of the top luxury seating solutions for home and business use. All within a $500 budget. Enjoy!

Chair 1: UL330M

Ultimo Chair

The Mayline UL330M Ultimo Chair defines luxury. This stylish office chair is the perfect way to kick of this article as the price is well below our budget at only $390.99. The ergonomic features this awesome swivel chair offers are simply unmatched. The thickly padded contoured leather seat and back, adjustable height and width controls, padded leather armrests, deluxe knee tilt control, pronounced lumbar support, and 2-to-1 synchro tilt control are just a few of the awesome features offered with the UL330M.

Chair 2: 560-L

Leather Office Chair

Keeping with our theme of luxury office chairs under $500, the OFM 560-L chair is up next. Well renowned for their affordable office furniture solutions, OFM, Inc. still offers some of the industries best chairs. The 560-L is perfect for use in executive office environments utilizing wood finishes. Available in 2 color combinations, this chair screams elegance! The pillow headrest, knee tilt control, and instant seat height adjustment are just of few of the benefits this awesome product has to offer. At $455.99, this chair is truly an excellent buy.

Chair 3: 2850-3

Aspen Chair

Global Total Office products are greatly respected throughout the furniture and seating community. Their modular office tables are incredibly innovative and inspiring. Their work with green and sustainable products is incredibly admirable, and their modular workstations are some of the absolute best around. However, industry professionals will agree, this brand makes their biggest impression with their modern office chairs. Pieces like this 2850-3 Aspen chair come in just under our budget at $499.99. However, this is budget well spent! The Aspen chair is a sure way to stay comfortable and efficient all day long. This stylish business chair is an excellent way to impress visitors and will garner a ton of interest. Compliments are never at a shortage when the Aspen executive chair is present in a workspace. The ergonomic features and overall appeal of this product has revolutionized the seating industry.

Chair 4: 2791LM-4

Another popular seating solution from Global Total Office, the 2791LM-4 offers luxury at a price anyone can appreciate. The Mirage office chair by Global boasts modern style and contemporary flair for days on end. This high end office chair features an attractive chrome frame and choice of 13 leather options. Priced at $498.99 this chair is a real value. Ergo features and benefits are at no shortage with the Mirage!

Chair 5: B9461
Luxury Desk Chair

A luxury leather office chair for only $210.99. How is that possible? Even we are unsure. Boss must have gone crazy when pricing this Aaria series chair, or they just love giving excellent seating at discount prices. The B9461 is a favorite amongst interior designers as it's budget friendly style promotes excellence in the workplace without the high price tag. Using a luxury swivel chair like this leaves plenty of money for other furniture needs like stylish reception furniture or even those modern guest chairs you've had your eye on. A deal like this is easy to appreciate, and that's why everyone should love the B9461 chair by Boss!


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