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How to Write a Reference Letter ? Templates & Samples

A reference letter is a valuable piece of document for job application. For a given job, there are hundreds of illustrious curriculum vitae and degrees submitted.

Having a reference letter is a great trump card and gives the candidate an edge. The letter of recommendation is for a candidate, who needs to stand out for his work experience and personal skills to take on a job position.

A letter of recommendation is a special kind of letter, which pertains to the capabilities, personal qualities and skills of a candidate. The reference letter uses character related details, employment history and education background of the candidate. Given below are some of the guidelines of writing an effective reference letter.

For writing a reference letter, Microsoft Word and Google Documents are used. A reference letter can be written in relation to:

  • House rental
  • Employment
  • Graduate school application
  • Mortgage application

The pattern

Before commencing to write the reference letter, ensure that the candidate being recommended is highly competitive.His skills, achievements and strengths must betrustworthy. It is integral to know the educational background as well as his work experience for evaluating his competency. ( Look at Cover Letter Samples )

Reference Letter Sample
Reference Letter
Reference Letter Template

Begin by writing about the relationship with the candidate. Indicate how long the candidate has worked for you and highlight his strengths. The first paragraph must be concise and brief.

The consequent paragraph should have information about candidate’s qualification. If the candidate is applying for a job, then make sure that his skills and achievements are not left ignored.

The third paragraph should indicate the skills and traits, which the candidate has shown during his tenure. For this, some degree of assistance from the candidate is also needed.

Reference Letter Sample #2
Reference Letter

The fourth paragraph of the reference letter is a summary. In this section, it is written that this person comes highly recommended and there should be no hesitation in hiring this candidate.

Also, mention that the recipient of the reference letter can contact at any time for further inquiries about the candidate.

Also, include the contact information such as email address, mailing address and contact number, so as the recipient of the reference letter has ease of contact.

Finish the letter of recommendation with a salutation. After double space, sign the letter. Below the sign, write full name and after a space, mention the job title.

The reference letter must close with a thanking you for dedicating the time for reading the reference letter.

Reference Letter Sample #3
Reference Letter
Reference Letter Sample

Reference Letter Sample #4
Reference Letter
Reference Letter 2013

Reference Letter Template #5
Reference Letter Template


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