Monday, November 19, 2012

Shopping : Tiffany Rose Maternity

Chloe lace dress

Amelia dress

Amelia dress 

As any expectant mother knows, it can be quite a challenge to fit an outfit that is super-stylish and glamorous enough for a special occasion as well as one that is comfortable and accommodates a growing bump.

It is an added challenge to find a dress that makes you feel really fabulous - as opposed to something that will "do" ie, something that you can just about squeeze into. 

Tiffany Rose provides the most gorgeous & glamorous dresses for mothers-to-be....
from everyday wear to special occasions and wedding dresses.

Both stylish and comfortable, they have a fantastic selection of dresses, all of which come in several colours. 
I have chosen some of my favourites above, although I have to say it was very hard to choose!

Their Amelia & Chloe lace dresses (as shown above) are stunning & very on-trend for this season. Both are definitely a celebrity mum-to-be choice and have been widely featured at Red Carpet events for which it is perfect.
The Amelia dress is available in short (cocktail length) & long.

I recommended the Amelia dress in Windsor blue to a friend who will be seven months pregnant at her brother's wedding in December - she looks absolutely stunning in it.

Their colour block dress is another super-popular dress in their maternity clothing range - it comes in several colours and is made of high quality stretch jersey with a contrasting sash.
Definitely the kind of dress that could be dressed up or down for day or evening wear.

I worked throughout both of my pregnancies and found dresses to be a great solution....
no restrictive waistband just stretchy fabric which was great for my changing shape.
Good maternity wear is worth every penny in my opinion, you'll never regret it.

Amelia Lace Dress (short) - Vintage Rose


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