Friday, November 16, 2012


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Winter sun: Morocco, your new home away from home

If you’re already dreading that bleak post-Christmas funk of icy roads, delayed trains
and dark nights, perhaps it’s time to think about a winter break. From weekends
away to fortnights of beautiful sunshine, complete with glimmering surf and utter
relaxation, there’s plenty of choice for sun-starved Brits.

It’s not just about topping up that fading tan, though. Experts cite vitamin D as an
essential vitamin to combat an array of ailments. According to HiveHealthMedia.com,
it “helps the body regulate calcium and phosphorus, gives the immune system
a boost, regulates blood sugar levels, staves off numerous illnesses, and fights

Morocco is a fab destination for sun-seekers to soak up a few rays. The flights are
relatively short, clocking in at just over three hours from London, and locals tend to
be multilingual, usually speaking Arabic, French and English.

Moroccan cuisine is similar in some ways to wintry meals at home: lots of root
vegetables, such as potato, sweet potato and squashes. These are generally served
with buttery couscous, dried fruit and nuts, and melt-in-the-mouth slow-roasted meat.
Unlike British cuisine, you won’t see a drop of gravy, as the emphasis is on flavourful
spice blends, aromatic herbs and fresh ingredients. Wash it down with a refreshing
glass of mint tea or a smoothie made from fruit sorbet blended with juice.

It’s a modest country, and if you buy ladies’ tops, they should cover the chest, back
and tops of arms. A simple sheer scarf can be thrown over the shoulders when
nipping to the shops, and women are free to strip to a swimming costume when
relaxing by the pool or spending a day at the beach.

Whether you choose Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez or Essaouira, it’s simple to nip to
another city for a day trip and most hotels offer bus trips to nearby Berber villages,
as well as day trips to the nearest beach. Essaouira is a hot spot for beach bods,
whilst Marrakesh is perfect for a pool holiday in a bustling city unlike any other.


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