Thursday, November 29, 2012

christmas songs.

{ photo source: the olive tree} 
Christmas songs:

Christmas songs are one of my favorite things about the holidays!?

my favorite all time is White Christmas /// the drifters style (bing crosby style is a close second)

I secretly love these cheesy songs: Christmas in Kansas City and THIS song ( videos don't get much better  than that )

Do you want to know what is NOT a Christmas song: a few of my favorite things from
 sound of music. sorry folks not a Christmas song///no argument will change my mind.

we have the most adorable video ever of elisabeth singing along to this song.

worlds worst Christmas song(s) Christmas shoes ( seriously?) and email santa by billy gilman.(gag) 
hubs dislikes are : cherry cherry christmas (look it hubs it does say cherry!) and this song.

so let me hear them? favorites? dislikes?


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