Monday, November 26, 2012

Kitchen Love : Open Shelving, Yes or No?

Kitchen cupboards or shelves....
 My kitchens have always had cupboards but increasingly I am loving open shelving.

I love bowls on work surfaces, the windowsill,...my kitchen table,
 a jug or container full of kitchen utensils
a dresser full of pottery or pretty dishes

I like my favourite things where I can see & admire them....enjoy them.

If my ceiling allowed it, I'd have one of those contraptions with copper pans etc hanging from it.

I think it adds colour & interest to a kitchen....it gives it character.

I love all the kitchens I've featured in this piece....
although I'm not sure about the practical side of having open shelves....
would you have to dust all the time? 
I know it would drive my very practical husband crazy....kitchen = cupboards to him ;) 

What would you choose....
do you like everything out of sight or do you prefer it within easy reach and on display?


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