Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hearts On Fire : The Latest Collections

Finding the right diamond jewelry can be an incredible investment in your relationship and something that marks the passing of time with ageless beauty and dignity. The latest Hearts On Fire collections contain beautiful pieces destined to be timeless and the inspiration behind each of the collections comes from the new Director of Design, Ilaria Lanzoni and her perceptions of her beloved Italy and of Boston, Massachusetts.

The two newest Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry collections are the Illa Collection and the Copley Collection. The Illa Collection draws inspiration from Lanzoni's childhood in Italy and her nights watching the stars as they spread out across the sky. This line features stars in each of the pieces and blends together to create stunning masterpieces that are suitable for virtually any occasion.

The Copley Collection draws on Lanzoni's environment as well but this time features much of the superb architecture Boston has always been known for; each piece showcases the arches and the historical significance that Boston has always held. The beautiful arcs, the delicate curves of metal meeting brilliant diamonds and the intricate scrollwork are destined to make this collection as historic as the city it was inspired from.

For couples looking at unique rings to symbolize their eternal love, many of the styles in these collections are superb and will stand the test of time. Each collection centers around Hearts On Fire superior diamonds and trained specialists can help couples choose the exact wedding set that will come to externally symbolize their love and devotion to each other. Their specialists help each couple, either at a physical location or even online, pick out the right wedding set to fit their particular needs.

Do you want a more traditional wedding set that matches the engagement ring with the wedding bands? Or perhaps you are looking for something more innovative and trendy? The extensive collections and up to the minute styles of Hearts On Fire offer something for everyone without sacrificing quality. Crafted from the world's finest diamond supplies, the Hearts On Fire commitment to superior diamond jewelry is unsurpassed.

For couples a bit confused as to the entire process, Hearts On Fire offers something even more. They offer helpful hints and advice for the entire wedding process. Brides and grooms can visit the website and see any number of the available designs, along with a checklist to help the wedding process run so much smoother.

Whether you are shopping within the Copley Collection, the Illa Collection, or simply looking for a timeless engagement ring or wedding band, Hearts On Fire has something to fit every budget and every desire.

This guest-post was written by Vera Mosely, fashion blogger with an eye for diamonds


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