Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Conference Table Shapes 101

Conference Room Furniture

Purchasing a new conference table is an important decision for any business. When making a large office furniture purchase it's important to recognize all your options before making your final choice. That being said knowing all your options and available features can greatly influence your decision making process and help save you time in money. For the sake of this article we will be covering all of the popular conference table shapes available in today's furniture industry to help educate those in the market with the information needed to find the best solutions possible for their individual needs.

Racetrack Conference Tables

Racetrack Conference Tables

Far and away the most popular shape on the market, racetrack conference tables are a classy solution for any business. It's easy to see where this table style gets it's name from. For those still unsure, racetracks are typically shaped in an oval, like the surface of the table shown above. Utilizing this shape ensure that all members of a meeting feel involved. Because of the curved ends, this shape provides an excellent view from any seat.

Round Conference Tables

Round Conference Tables

Typically used in smaller meeting room applications, round conference tables are an affordable solution to your needs. This style of table is commonly 36" or 48" in diameter and around 29" high. This shape is perfect for meetings of up to 4 people and are utilized often in team environments. Often, round conference tables can even be seen in libraries and training rooms as they offer a welcoming and group inclusive feel.

Rectangular Conference Tables

Rectangular Confrence Tables

Another commonly used table surface in meeting and boardrooms is the rectangle. Rectangular conference tables help users get the most bang for their buck. The rectangular shapes help to maximize the amount of surface you get for your money. How? Most tables are available in a variety of shapes. If you look at a racetrack table vs. a rectangular it's easy to see that the latter offers additional space at the ends typically curved off by racetrack and other shapes. Tables with this style surface typically go all the way up to 30' or more in length and are commonly recommended in larger spaces.

Boat Shaped Conference Tables

Boat Shaped Conference Tables

This style of table is the perfect combination of racetrack and rectangular. Boat shaped conference tables offer curved sides and flat ends. They enhance conference room furniture environments with a classy, modern look that is sure to impress. The boat shaped style is utilized most commonly in upscale and luxury spaces but (it most all cases) does not cost more. Boat table solutions are a great way to revive an old and dated space with elegance.

Hopefully you have taken the time to educate yourself on the variety of conference tables available on the market today. In addition to the styles listed above modular conference tables, and even elliptical conference table solutions are available for more space-saving type applications. No matter your individual need, there is an option for your. Working with a professional dealer is always recommended and will definitely help to clarify your conference room furniture questions.


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