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Writing a Resignation Letter - Formats & Samples

 A workplace is like a small world, where everyone is aware of each other to some extent. When it’s time to bid farewell to a job, then make sure that you do it with nicely. A pessimistic impression should notbe left regarding your last employer. Given below are some nice and tidy career examples of how resignation letters are written. It is a way of leaving the workplace with dignity and respect.

The most important point to remember in a resignation letter is to keep it brief and simple from start till end. It should be affirmative toned with no overtones of complaints.

 After the decision has been made to move on, it is not good to criticize the employer about his work ethics and behavior. It’s not healthy behavior. But the resignation letter must highlight the date of your departure. The company and its chief executive should be appreciated on a job well done.

These are contents of the resignation letter

Resignation letter
Resignation letter sample

Pretty basic resignation
Two weeks’ notice
Polite letter
Short and basic one
Expressing regret
To the point and polite
Unsatisfactory conditions at office

Resignation Letter
Resignation Letter Sample
1: A general letter of resignation

The resignation must be a much generalized one at that. Use this method of resigning from every job after the need arises.

2: Two weeks tops

The resignation letter must be sent two weeks beforehand. It should congratulate the firm for its excellent work and future betterment. The company and manager should be bid farewell in an amiable manner.

3: Great resignation letter

The resignation letter must be very concise and precise. The general format of the letter must comply with maintaining integrity of the firm and yourself.

4: Short and basic

It must be crisp and to the point. It should not divulge extra information at all regarding future employer. It is a resignation letter only.

Resignation Letter
5: Expressing regret

It can also express certain degree of regret and equivalent degree of gratitude for serving the organization in question.

6: To the point and polite

The resignation letter must be very polite and should not mention any grudges against the manager and organization’s practices.

7: Unsatisfactory conditions at office

The resignation can however be put up, when the conditions at office are not as friendly as before or the atmosphere becomes suffocating. There are numerous reasons to leave one particular workplace, but that shouldn’t appear in a resignation letter like letter of recommendation.

Resignation Letter Sample #1
Resignation Letter
Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter Sample #2

Resignation Letter
Resignation Letter


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