Thursday, January 3, 2013

lyla girl.

lyla. lyla2 

oh hey, little miss 9 months old.?!

you have changed so much in just one short month!
you now crawl. i tried to  keep you immobile for as long as i could. (true story)

and surprise, surprise. you are in.to.everything! everything.

we have had a few battles, you and i about staying away from the fireplace. the force is strong in you, but trust me i will win that fight. (safety first, my dear)

you have such a look of joy and determination in your eyes. those attributes will take you far in life.

oh, and you have put on 4 lbs in about 6 weeks//way to go! you needed it.

you love food. real food, not baby food from a jar. (so i make your baby food/ super easy and cheap!) you love cooked carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas, apples, and your absolute favorite are cheez-its. In fact you have brand recognition already. when you see the box you grunt and slam your little hands down. no one is allowed to eat them with out giving you some (crushed up into microscopic pieces of course) 

you say: ba-ba, ma-ma, da-da, yaw-yaw ( lyla), and hi.  

one last thing, my love. you are so cute, so very cute. your cuteness is distracting people at church, so if you want to stay in service with me, take the cuteness down one notch :)


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