Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Letter of Recommendation : How Should You Write ?

Life is very extensive and one day, you will have to write a letter of recommendation for your dear friend or colleague. It can be anyone from a student, to a former employee or a family relative.

Given are some valuable guidelines as to writing a letter of referral. The purpose of the letter of recommendation is also highlighted. Also, the art of writing a letter of referral is also furnished.

What is exactly a letter of recommendation?

Letter of recommendation sample

The reference letter is written for testifying against a person’s value, skill, character and competency. His achievements are highlighted. The letter of recommendation is also referred to as reference letter. It is a formal piece of paper and is typed out. It is written in a serious tone and business class style.

The reference letter is used for a variety of purposes and situations. There are numerous possibilities as to the requirement of the reference letter. The most commonly known are as follows:

  • A candidate applying for a new job needs a reference to solidify their chances of acquiring a job.
  • Before the contract is signed by the employee, the employer can demand a reference letter.
  • Sometimes, students require a reference letter for completing the requirements of the academic institutions.
  • If a student is applying for a student aid for educational purposes, then a letter of recommendation is needed.
  • The companies keep the letter of recommendation as testimonialof their competency and trustworthiness.
  • Last, but not the least, the tenants may sometimes have to hand out such letter for assuring that they as tenants are reliable and compliant.

Letter of Recommendation Sample

Letter of recommendation format

If a person is approached for a reference letter, do think, if you are eligible enough to do that. Also, chances are that it will be pertaining to a job. The reference letter is a format document and it’s imperative that it doesn’t contain deceiving information. There could be legal proceedings against both the candidate and its source.

Letter of Recommendation Template

Academic letter of recommendation format

So make sure of the following, if they check out:

The candidate must be someone, you know for a long time. It can be someone from your family and friends.
Also, the capability of the person should be scrutinized, before handing him out the reference letter.

If the candidate is prospective, then, there is no reason, not to write a recommendation letter. If that is not the case, then better excuse yourself. ( Look at Business Letter Formats )

Formal Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation Sample


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