Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Write Thank You Letter ?

Writing a thank you letter is mandatory subsequent to the interview. In fact, some companies make it a point to evaluate, which interviewees have submitted a thank you letter after an interview. Be prompt to send out the thank you letter, as soon as possible. The twenty four hour time frame is adequate for that.

Customizing a Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter
Thank You Letter Sample ( Click picture )

It is best advised to keep the audience in mind. Addressing their issues and concerns are also important. Generally, the emailed and typed written thank you letters are appreciated. Look at my previous post to see other thank you letter samples.

Some surveys have suggested that hiring managers appreciate hand written thank you letters. So, take in consideration, the criteria of organization in question, before submitting a thank you letter. A handwritten thank you letter is fine, if the interview is a formal one.

The thank you letter also reinforces the fact that the candidate is very much interested in the job. Even if the job is not in your best of interests, a thank you letter is critical.

Thank You Letter Sample

Thank You Letter
Thank You Letter

The thank you letter can be termed as a sales letter. In other words, the candidate can state, if he is still interested in the job and how can he make valuable contribution to the operations of the organization. The thank you letter is the right window for discussing an important point. The interviewer may have not asked a particular question and it may be the right opportunity to answer it.


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