Thursday, January 10, 2013

How Necessary is Supply Chain Management Outsource?

These days, most companies deal with outsourcing and one of the mostly conducted outsourcing is the supply chain management. It becomes the part of a modern trading in which both buyers and sellers can get their desired products from outside the country. Now, the world is becoming ‘smaller’, thanks to the advanced method of supply chain which makes trading activities much easier to do. Though supply chain management is now very easy to do, it does not mean that a company can just do it without any hassle. There are some considerations to take before supplying desired products to their clients without finding too many difficulties. Suppliers should keep the supply chain system in the proper way so that the activity remains steady and profitable.

These days, people deal with fast moving consumer good in which people or companies make orders and they will get the goods in less than a week—though they have to order them from outside their countries. This is becoming a great trend and the demands of fast supply chain are increasing. A supplier may have been handling several orders and deliver them in punctuate time. But when the orders are getting higher in amount, a supplier will need a supply chain management outsource to help. This is important to keep the good reputation and trust from clients.

What can we expect from supply chain management outsource company? The company usually provides several services like ensuring the product quality as well as evaluating the sample. Both tasks are the guarantee that the company is a reliable one. Most countries that host outsource company for supply chain include China, Japan, and America. Those countries are the main manufacturers for almost all kinds of products—from electronics to plastic products. These evaluations should be made before the shipment.

Prior to choosing the best supply chain management outsource company, there are some aspects that suppliers should deal with. Those aspects include:

  • Evaluation on Sample Performance
    The outsource company should confirm the products’ relevance and quality to the clients. This is important because some manufacturing companies always provide every product in bulk amounts. This is done to reduce expenses while add the quantity—regardless of the quality. So, it is important to ask about this aspect—especially for purchasing in bulk amount—because suppliers should deliver the best products for their clients.
  • Inspection on Pre Shipment
    This is another important aspect that suppliers need to ask from the supply chain management outsource company. The inspection before the shipping is required so that there will be the accurate result on the product quantity.
With proper choice of supply chain management outsource company, suppliers can save much time and money in finding the required products. This can lead to the increased profits, as long as supplier finds the reputable company with years of experiences.

Supply Chain Management Diagram #1

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Diagram #2

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Diagram #3

Supply Chain Management


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