Monday, June 4, 2012

Who Loves Letters In Their Life? Get A Load Of These....

I do indeed have a great love for typography and all manner of letters and numbers on display.

Something about them is strangely attractive for me.

I found these interesting images over on Fresh Home amongst 24 other photos with great ideas showcasing ways to use numbers and letters in your home.

That last one above is my favourite by far.... I think it reminds me of the print from one of my favourite books when I was younger.

I want that wallpaper in a room with 100s of beautiful books, a lazy lounge with gorgeous cushions all over it, plus a lush, soft rug on the floor to sink my feet into.

Ooh, and some lovely lamps to provide mellow pools of light while I read my books with tea and chocolate close by.

Just sayin'!

Linda. xox


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