Tuesday, June 19, 2012


about them birds...

I got a lot of comments about my dislike of birds via this post...lol

It isn't that I dislike them as animals and I don't mind them outside...I just don't want them inside my house.

Inside your house, you say? yep...I can think of at least 4 or 5 times this has happened... 

my earliest memory:

I was about 8 years old I came home by myself from school to find a bird had gotten into our house through the open chimney flew...I am fairly sure I locked my self in my parents room until my dad got home to fix the problem...

my most recent bird in the house event:

Last christmas. I was sitting on the couch watching watching It's a Wonderful life with the hubs and miss roo. We started to smell gas a realized that one on the knobs on the stove had been turned on...so hubs opened the front door to air out the smell. And that's when it happened...BAM...a bird flew in the house. I immediately locked myself and Elisabeth in the hall bathroom. I very slowly peeked my head out the bathroom door...screaming to the husband..."what are you going to do?"

Since hubs doesn't miss a beat he gave me his best Clark Griswold face and said..." I'm gonna throw a coat over it and wack it with a hammer." don't worry folks he didn't :)

Long story short hubs trapped it with a hamper and told me to man up and help him get it out of the house...I did...however if anyone happen to be walking outside on that cold December night...they probably would have thought I was being murdered because of my blood curdling screams.


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