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Modern Contemporary everyday items..

Modern Contemporary everyday items..

Today I am sharing with all of you everyday modern-contemporary items. These are everyday items that we all need and have in our homes. From new innovative bathroom sinks and vanity sink combinations to full household rooms and home decor, to the everyday basic items, all of them are sure to make an impact..

Enjoy the pics and post..

Simple design of the glass material wash basin 

By Qin

Firmly with a square line shape can be a wonderful force in the making of a work. One was on wash basin products below. An obvious example of design that is very feature-square line with firmness, can use to describe the luxury and modernity. Italian home design that makes the concept very concerned about not only about the beauty of form, texture, the surfaces but also the aesthetics of the product. Washbasin is highly valued as a luxury apartment interior even for the standard stars. This product has a square shape with the impression of expensive elegant simple design combined, it is not only the main tap and the basin where the water holds the key priorities take precedence. Besides modern drawer can be use to put consumer goods and hand-washing hygiene. In this picture the placement of sinks in place at the corner of the room by putting a mirror in front of him. The color is light brown and transparent material of glass quality is an invaluable asset of wash basin facilities that are part of the interior of the house. 

simple washbasin of glass

Simple Gazebo Design with Sliding Cover for Outdoor Living, ShangriLa by Florian Asche

April Allterior provides a new convenience for you to enjoy the beauty of outdoor living. ShangriLa is a gazebo with sliding cover, designed by Florian Asche with simple and attractive designs. A new perspective on life on outdoor living that can protect your privacy in an attractive manner. The multi screen is using 100% weather material such as stainless steel and acrylic fibers. This gazebo comes with a fabric screen moves very easy to use or shifted. The screen fabric is removable and very easy to clean. It’s really an interesting design that could create a style in any outdoor decor.

gazebo design with sliding cover for outdoor living

ShangriLa come in different colors of fabric screen that you can choose according to your wishes. This gazebo can be used as a place to sunbathe or just hanging out with your friends. A simple design that is very easy to match with any outdoor decorations. The gazebo has a long dimension of 3000 mm, width 3000 mm and 2300 mm height that can be placed on the roof or outdoor area. Visit April Allterior immediately for more information about this exciting design.

simple stylish gazebo design by Florian Asche
stylish gazebo design by April Allterior
outdoor gazebo with stainless steel and acrylic fibers
modern gazebo with simple design ShangriLa
attractive gazebo designs with fabric screen

Unique and Simple Hanging Shelving System, Upside Down by Adrien de Melo

A new design has been developed by Adrien de Melo in rack design with a unique and very interesting looks. Introducing Upside Down shelf that is a library and designed to Culturel louis vuitton. Unlike the usual rack design, this rack consists of 10 modules suspended translucent inflatable which has 5 columns. This rack has been supported by a stainless steel frame of the details of each edge of the box. Upside Down is designed in various dimensions such as 450mm x 350mm module or 250mm which has a simple form. Totally different design with a unique rack design and the way the shelves are usually hanged.

simple hanging shelving system Upside Down

These cube shelves suspended by rope lifting is left in place with the strategic placement in the room. The racks hanging from the ceilings with a variety of cube sizes and accommodate books of several dimensions. It was an exceptional design with unique scenery, which is inverted from the system rack alternative. This rack is perfect design to complement any decor and easy to customized with a variety of interior room. This rack is a new way to display multiple collections of books in a unique way. Check out Adrien de Melo to learn more.

unique and simple hanging shelving system
unique cube shelving Adrien de Melo
modern shelving design pside Down
hanging shelving system Culturel louis vuitton

Modern Folding Kitchen Design with Hidden Stove, Moove Kitchen by Florida Furniture

If you have a modern house minimalist and not too large, you may want to apply this minimalist kitchen for your home kitchen. Kitchen with compact design is made by Florida Furniture. Design of a compact kitchen and get folded, so as not to take up much space. Modern folding kitchen was designed specifically to make room kitchen becomes more efficient.
Moove kitchen, offers plenty of open storage, kitchen furniture can be stored so that maximum. This kitchen has a sleek design, the stove looks hidden in the closet. When the drawer is opened, you will see the kitchen table and the stove is very efficient to use. When the kitchen drawer door closed, making the stove and the table stored neatly in a drawer, with a minimalist kitchen design, to maximize every inch of your kitchen space. Visit Florida furniture for more information, or see their minimalist furniture design to another.

compact folding kitchen design for minimalist home
folding kitchen design with hidden stove

minimalist folding kitchen design with large storage

moove folding kitchen for minimalist kitchen ideas

modern minimalist folding kitchen design ideas

minimalist folding kitchen design concept

compact folding kitchen concept

minimalist design folding kitchen by florida furniture


Modern contemporary really cool household items.. 

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