Thursday, June 14, 2012

New brand names come to AG Home Goods

New brands at Avant-Garde Home Furnishings, 
now DBA  AG Home Goods

With so many new items now listed on the AG Home Goods web store its a miracle I even have time to tell all of you this exciting news. AG Home Goods now carries over 3,000 separate SKU's or items in a wide range of products related to Home Decor and household furnishings..

But the best part is not the number of items but the increased selection in America's moist popular home decor and furniture brands.. 

The first brand and one that Avant-Garde has greatly expanded its selection is WMU, which has a variety of products all the way across the broad spectrum we now call home decor

WMU products Lines
  1. WMU coffee, end, and console Tables with accent furniture
  2. WMU Wine Racks
  3. WMU table decor
  4. WMU Mirrors and wall decor
  5. WMU candle holders, Sconeces, and Candles
  6. WMU Pots, Vases, Bottles, & Bookends
  7. WMU Fireplaces
  8. WMU table lamps and Wall Clocks
For a complete listing please visit the following link:




CC Home Furnishings

Avant-Garde has also expanded its offerings of CC Home Furnishings, which is one of America's favorite brand name furniture and now the category is subdivided into the following sections.

Cooper Classics Mirrors
Cooper Classics Table Decor
Cooper Classics Lighting
Cooper Classics (Accent Furniture) -  Coming Soon

Soon we will be adding the accent furniture line to complete that particular home decor line of products.. Please follow link to see all the products from CC Home Furnishings, especially the greatly expanded Modern Mirrors that this brand put out. They are absolutely amazing and are tailored for every occasion and decor preference.. 

CC Home Furnishings Modern Mirrors: 

 CC Home Furnishings Modern Lighting:

CC Home Furnishings Table Decor:



Of course our biggest selection of home decor and accent furniture still comes from Benzara, our biggest collection and product line. We feature most of the active products they currently have and add new ones every day. They represent the best home decor line in modern-contemporary products. We have broken them down into the following categories:
  1. Benzara Accent Furniture
  2. Benzara Lighting
  3. Benzara Metal Wall Art
  4. Benzara Mirrors
  5. Benzara Table Decor
  6. Benzara Pots, Planters, Vases




We have  brought IN A VERY SPECIAL LINE OF MEDIA CENTERS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS. They are known as the Furnitech Collection which comprises the nicest media entertainment units I ever saw.. They are absolutely amazing and they have three distinct collections..

Check them out at the below link:

Furnitech Abbiance Collection
Furnitech Regular collection
Furnitech ultra modern hand crafted collection


Avant-Gartde has tried very hard to introduce new products and services since its inception. We no carry most jhome decor and furniture lines that are found in the United States. We hope all of you will visit and shop on our site..


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