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Modern contemporary interior designs

Modern contemporary interior designs

Today I am sharing with all of you a few modern contemporary interior designs that I find very appealing. They are also somewhat generic but still impactful enough to make a statement about your home and sure to cause talk around town.. 

Enjoy the pics and post...

Colorado Bathroom Fittings By I Conci

Integral part of the line “I conci” is the new project Colorado , where the strong formal rigour is the characteristic of this program. Furniture container length cm 150 available in all the range of materials , basin in stone H10 is in prefect armony with the paralellelepiped/support with unique big removable shelf in stone and complete with interior equipment. This bathroom fixtures can meet all your bathroom furniture, for a modern bathroom with a comfortable gear.

colorado bathroom fittings soft color

soft color washbasin colorado bathroom fittings
Dark color colorado bathroom fittings
balack washbasin colorado bathroom fittings
colorado fittings multifunction washbasin with rack
colorado bathroom fittings design ideas
Colorado washbasin design

Prima Bathroom Collection with Elegant Curved Lines 

by Bluform

Here is an attractive bathrooms collection with elegant curved lines blended with innovative modern design. This collection consists of a bathroom sink that is simple and functional, and basic toiletries are really designed to drain water while maintaining lean. Designed by Bluform, Prima bathroom collection is the perfect solution for contemporary bathroom space quietly. The collection is able to create a bathroom in a modern style bathroom decor and enhance the interior. Not only the design of this collection of interesting but also very comfortable bathroom as a place of relaxation. You can soak in the tub body style and enjoy a special bath.
Prima bathroom collection with elegant curved lines

This bathroom collection has a unique look with an elegant design for your bathroom interior decoration. Prima is collaboration with Pininfarina Design Studio. It was an amazing design that comes as a new brand of Bluform. The bathroom comes with a collection of white and gray combined with making it look modern. How do you organize your bathroom decor? Go to the Bluform soon for more information about this stylish bathroom collection.
modern bathroom collection design by Bluform
stylish bathroom collection with modern design
simple and functional bathroom collection design

Tivali Kitchen System Wrapped in Cabinet by Dante 


It does not take a lot of places when you have this high-tech kitchen. Not to hide the flaws, this is ultra-modern features to keep the kitchen in a cupboard that is safe from interference and not visible by anyone when you do not want it. Tivali equipped with folding doors like a minimalist wardrobe for beauty, close to perfection in every part is important. Very functional and has a high competitiveness kitchen-furniture designed by Dante Bonuccelli. This versatile product from Dada can you make a solution to the narrow kitchen home concept.
kitchen in cupboard for the modern home partition

Lightweight yet durable, with a contemporary artistic style as a brilliant solution to the problems associated with the strength of raw materials. Original construction and fine materials are packaged in a theme-cabinet container cabin is functional in its use. Tivali work on kitchen design work as a room divider in his capacity could still be used when you need it. This is a dry kitchen concept for the conditions in the middle of the room, without difficulty we always wear them. Dada makes all the furniture consisted of a simple, two-burner stove and accessories and you can also embed Electric Kettle in it. Kitchen cabinet designs pure white color and minimalistic steel tables for elegant appearance. Dante Bonuccelli provides you with a compact kitchen design that became troublesome spirit days and no treatment.[dadaweb]
small operational kitchen with slider protection
simply kitchen cabinets complete with luxurious style
design kitchen space exclusively with pure white folding door
stainless steel kitchen storage for containers combined with functional closet

Stylish Glossy White Dresser Furniture Design, La Nuit 

Dresser by Armando D’Andrea

Everyone would agree this modern storage drawers are charming and very elegant. Out of all the traditional lines, this becomes a unique and very personal. This modular dresser designs ideas, elegant creations from Armando D’Andrea, who will always suitable and adaptable to various room types you have at home. Even when placed into storage cabinets furniture sets, glossy white appearance that will make guests glance. La Nuit Dresser also worth if you choose it for futuristic unique bedroom decoration. As an illustration specification, the chest drawer flanked by three drawers without handles with push-open system (push-pull). Ideal for those looking for dresser furniture sets to enliven tired room, glossy white units will make a statement.
extra ordinary walnut frame storage drawers for elegant residence

This is a typical product of modern furniture design and very stylish, offering wenge or walnut frame, this glossy white La Nuit Dresser is perfect for any room of the house. Italian furniture manufacturing,Calligaris, offers a six-unit also interesting style has no handle and is the essence of contemporary design. Dimensions of modern storage cabinets in centimeters: 134.5 width, 50.5 depth, and height 75cm, suitable for combination with the housing. Settlement with wood and glossy surface makes each unit white dresser furniture is able to stand as a single, but still luxurious bed drawers furniture designs. VisitCalligaris for more information.
extremely stylish modern home furniture design concept
no handles chest drawers for bedroom décor interior
stylish six draw unit with contemporary design ideas
wenge frame combination with glossy white La Nuit Dresser

Modern, contemporary furniture..

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