Monday, June 11, 2012


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The 12th is my birthday.
I will be 29... hubs and I will be the same age...but only for the summer then I become the much younger wife :) 

I am:
a wife, mother, daughter, and sister
a first born
a child of God

I dislike:
being lied to
waking up early

I can't :
do a cartwheel
go to bed with out checking on each kiddo and stealing a kiss
see with out glasses or contacts

I love:
my family
the smell of coffee, rainy days, and books

I rarely:
eat dessert alone (its a rule in our house)
see the sunrise

I've never:
kissed anyone besides the hubs
tasted alchol
been to Boston in the fall ( ok 10 bonus points to any mama who got that) 

I always:
talk to much
say I love you before I get off the phone
pray before I fall asleep

This post was inspired by dear beautiful boy's birthday post.

linking up with jami today.


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