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Featured Designer & Trend Setter: Mario Morales

 Featured Designer.. Trend Setter
 Mario Morales

Mario Morales, Formerly of Mario & Marielena the multi talented and high demand designer has been designing textiles, bedding, accessories, drapery’s and furniture for the high-end interior and hospitality design community since 1994. His high energy, spirits and passion for his work make him stick out among the many choices of designers and firms available in today’s high demand, quick turn around market. Currently focusing all his energy on his new start-up Company, Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs, which anyone who personally knows Mario can attest that it will be a huge success sooner then later as his energy, drive, and Spirit are well noticed the minute anyone begins to interact with him and his passion for the new company is clearly evident. His history and determination for success will make this new company the powerhouse he made Mario & Marielena. 

Some Examples of Mario's Amazing Work in the hospitality Industry... 

Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs (MMBHD) began with a single vision from a talented and creative individual who was not only tired of the same old fashion approach coming out of the majority of the firms in today’s market but his personal goal to provide the finest room designs, residential and commercial textiles, bedding products and furniture to the Hospitality market in North America, combined with high degrees of interaction between client and firm and with un-paralled customer service, both things which seem to be lacking from most design firms these days.. More and more corporate structured and run, with little interaction between the firms and their respective clients, Mario aim is to change all of that and be readily available whenever a client calls no matter how big or small the job. MMBHD has lofty goals and aspirations and aims to expand and impact markets in Latin American and the Caribbean.

Today, with its main offices in Nashville, Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs' workforce has expanded across the United States to Miami and San Francisco. Our Founder, Head Designer and Principal, Mario Morales, along with his very talented staff and associates, a list of individuals Mario has come to rely on over the years have the experience and historical backing through his long list of completed projects to bring Room Design, Bedding Design and Furniture to the Hospitality industry, becoming the ultimate one-stop shop for the professional interior designer, hospitality property owner and purchasing company wanting that extra push required to stick out in today’s high demand, highly competitive market.  

Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs manufactures and markets top-of-the-line furniture at a reasonable price. Crafted (MADE / BUILT) in the United States, with the finest attention to American craftsmanship and design talents.

Modern contemporary style of design using impact colors but notice rather then use Lime Green Mario uses Olive and his favorites are Hunter Green and Deep Maroon red, going outside the box as everyone in the industry uses the same candid apple red and Lime colors.. 

His designs are not only trend-setting but cutting edge and always have a spark to them causing instant fanfare in all design circles.. Designers watch and Listen when Mario releases new designs and completes projects, and with customer satisfaction being his number one priority, he gives his personal attention and complete dedication to all his projects whether a luxury hotel project or a simple room for a friend or family member.. 

This guy puts his heart, energy, and soul into every project he does and designs.. He is a workaholic mangling two phones, two iPads, two computers, and always seems to be doing something.. 

More stunning examples of Mario's Work in the Hospitality Industry...

Whenever anyone hears success is easy and not hard has never seen someone like Mario work, constantly wanting to better himself and learn yet, he is still humble enough to ask and seek the advice of all of those around him, treating everyone with importance and the respect they deserve. He gives everything and expects the people around him to perform but is the first to reward or say thank you or great job, once that happens. A genuine individual who left an impact on myself the first time I had the pleasure of meeting him.. 

Now many of you may think I have known him for 20 years yet its been less then a months and in that time I have seen a genuine caring individual deserving of everything he has which he has accomplished through hard work and dedication. I admire him and value our friendship as he is truly an individual who knows the value and payoff in hard work and passion in your job.. 

Mario Morales Boutique Hospitality Designs and  delivers fashion, sophistication and a unique lifestyle. Our goal is to provide 100% durability, design uniqueness and branding, cost effective proposals and projects, and high degrees of trendy styles  for the commercial hospitality environment. We build relationships that last with our attention to service, delivery and design and of course our goal of 100% customer satisfaction through interaction and communication.

Mario Morales founder and previous owner of Mario & Marielena, brings more than 20 years of high end interior designer resource experience in the textiles, bedding, accessories, drapery and furniture business. He successfully continuously provides the design trade with innovation and cutting edge design and new and invigorating trend setting designs.

What makes them so Unique… Easy! They are unique among design firms in that we have a high degree of Collaboration between our client and the designer, to then blend fashion with quality materials and alluring design to create a finished product that was unique and original that both designer and client are satisfied.

More examples of Mario's stunning work...

More traditional decor and modern furniture design... 

The designs shown above will bring life and uniqueness to any modern contemporary home. Designs that are original unique and impact full very well describe the designs created by Mario Morales, truly a talented Individual... 

Our standard service includes textile assistance, dimensional changes, creative modifications, all in an effort to create a finished product that is exactly what our client needs and gives them a feeling of complete satisfaction, which is our number one goal with any project. We also aim to make every particular project shine and stick out among the many redesign projects occurring in todays very intensely competitive hospitality industry

Our design influences, techniques, and look range from contemporary to traditional, and as a firm are not afraid to tackle complicated demands, logistics, or the challenges of any design style available today or even create a new style as unique as our clients themselves. We strongly believe good materials, good craftsmanship and good design, with high degrees of collaboration and communication with our clients will ensure a finished product that is both unique, spectacular, and sticks out among others which in turn will generate new business for our clients.

We are in the business of creating a complete package, starting with the design aspect and ending with a unique product that will generate new business opportunities for our clients in the Hospitality industry where simple things that are not present in their competitors can make them shine among the thousands of choices consumers can make. We have a strong conviction to customer service and our goal is to achieve complete satisfaction and we accomplish this by combining good customer relations & services, good business practices and affordable and very competitive prices, combined with logistical and creative support for every Project that comes through our doors. This should make us your number one choice.

In conclusion Mario has had a long and detailed history one filled with shining examples of his work, that clearly shows his dedication to the design industry. His continued work in the industry and production of several trend setting design ideas have proven that not only does this guy have what it takes but it makes him and his new company one to look out after and watch and possibly even follow because where they go, most likely everyone else will likely follow.. 

His new firm does their work in the following steps.. 

Design assistance & collaboration
Design concept storyboards
Guest Room Renderings
Material Coordination


Planning & execution coordinator
Dedicated Client- Project manger 


Concept to execution

Should any of you want to personally contact Mario, please follow the link found below to his contact form on his website.. 

or visit his website @

Hope all of you enjoyed learning about one of the most talented designers in today's highly competitive interior design business... 

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