Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fearless Fantasy Friday - A Showcase Of Lovely Home Libraries!

Of course, one of my biggest fantasties so far as what to have in my home is a wall (or walls) of superb built-in bookshelves. I'd particularly like some of the ones that go around and over doorways or windows.

The ultimate fantasy would be like the 'secret door' shelves below. How cool would that be!

I've collected a few lovely library pics over on my Pinterest boards, and thought I'd share some with you!

Don't you just adore these?

Beautiful turquoise shelves, books under the stairs, soaring bookshelves for gorgeous collections, secret shelving, and books all around a little day bed to cocoon yourself in. Divine!

If you're a library lover too.... here's another terrific post with lots of glorious home library pics. This one consistently ranks among the top 3 most visited posts on the blog.

Happy Friday everyone - hope you have a weekend bursting with fun and great things to do!

I have 3 days of my 5 week holiday break left... time enough to finish off another great book perhaps! I've read quite a few over my break. A Thousand Splendid Suns was a really moving book and something I'd recommend to anyone... I had a good cry in quite a few places. It's amazing what people can cope with in their lives and still manage to exist somehow. It reminded be again how lucky and blessed I truly am to live where I do, when I do, and how I do.

Linda. xox



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