Friday, August 3, 2012

pinned and did.

This is Jude's favorite game. 

He calls it "rolling ball". 

Forget Christmas presents and birthday presents. The boy loves to stack up QT cups and throw a ball at them.all.day.long.

{please note he obviously invited Rocky to cheer him on in this photo}

sooooooooooo since we are on day 500 of it being crazy hot outside ... 
I thought I would share a few pinned it and did it ideas.

{THIS was such a huge hit... Jude has played everyday for a week} {elisabeth liked this Jude  got bored after the second number} { THIS was hands down their favorite!! I thought for sure I was going to set it up and then they would play for about 5 mins, but they played for quite a while}

Have you pinned and tried anything lately?


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