Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh Yes, I Could Relax Here..

I could find peace in either of these bedrooms...

Images from Dust Jacket Attic here and here


Lately, I'm finding I have a real craving to simplify, declutter (even more), and get a lot more textural elements into my home.

Also.... plants.

I've decided I need more plants around me.

I tend to kill house plants, either with love or neglect (I seem to bounce between the two where plants are concerned), but I really feel the need to have their soothing presence around at the moment.

More flowers from the garden or the market too.

I've been sitting with this 'craving' for a few months now to see if I'm hearing it right, and it's still with me. So, that means action.

Taking big action when I get like this usually means a somewhat frenzied culling, re-arranging, and re-decorating of at least one room, but probably more. I think the study is going to be the first to get my attention. It has a more 'frilly' and 'trivial' feel than I need right now.

Right now I need grounding, and connection, and concentration in a purposeful yet relaxed atmosphere. So, there'll be some pink things going and some more earthy colours coming in I think!

I also definitely need to get outdoors more and get amongst nature. I used to spend nearly all of my spare time outside when I was little (mostly up or under trees), and I think I need to find my inner child again so I can regroup and refresh. I'm feeling like I need my peeps around me. My tribe. And for me, that's trees, tall grass, a track under my feet, sun on my face, and clean air in my lungs.

Linda. xox


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