Sunday, December 9, 2012

winter house

Added a  few holiday touches to the house this weekend...

I made this swag several years ago, just give it fresh ribbon each year. I see I need to clip the boxwood on the left a bit. This happens every time, photos reveal things the eye just does not pick up.

 Our sweet daughter overseeing the bar, this buffet chest recently swapped places with the Welsh dresser which is now on the long wall of the dining room. 

A dressed up dresser! Why are they called dressers? Made the little boxwood wreath on a wire frame, will take it down for a soak in the sink once a week to keep it fresh through January.

Used dark pink ribbon to compliment our wedding china stored on the tea cart in the bay window. Also is the best place to grow the winter bulbs. 

A little begonia for the front hall.

Nut tree I also made several years ago, a painful project...hot glued fingertips. Also one of the deer antlers Andy finds in the woods in the spring after the thaw.

 How do you decorate for the holidays? Do you simplify every year like I do? I am getting lazier in my older age/emptier house stage of life but I love to see what magic others are able to create in  their homes during the holidays!


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