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Tips for Amateurs to Be Pros at Wedding and Fashion Photography

About Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the photography relating to various activities in a wedding. It captures photographs of couple before the wedding ceremony and during the ceremony as well as the reception after that. The wedding photography acts as the commercial backbone for various photography studios and different kinds of independent photographers. This genre of photography is one of the most heart fulfilling genre as it has a deep emotional connect. The look on the face of the newly wedded couples when they receive their first pictures can hardly be described in words. This is one of the biggest driving forces, which inspire a wedding photographer always inclined to better his art. However, like all other creative fields, wedding photography is also not that easy to master. It takes time and patience. Amateurs, while doing wedding photography, can follow following few guidelines.
Wedding photography

Guidelines for Wedding Photography

  •  Preparation is one of the major keys in wedding photography. A wedding photographer should always be ready with a backup plan that might come useful due to untoward conditions like rain and storm. One should always have the batteries of the cameras adequately charged so that they last long, should have memory card blanks handy. It is also preferred if the photographer attends the rehearsal of the ceremony so that he can get an idea of the possible positions of light and shoot positions.
  •  Where wedding photography is concerned, it also becomes necessary for the photographers to create a Shot List. Any amateur wedding photographer should provide required importance to this factor. It would help a great deal if the bride and the groom were consulted beforehand so that they can give suggestions of the kind of photographs that they want. This will help the photographer in capturing the emotions of the wedding day in a much better manner.
Wedding photography

How to be a Good Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography
  •  The photographer should visit the venue of the ceremony and the reception before the special day. This will help him in planning his camera positions and he can plan his shots with ease beforehand only. This makes the wedding photography absolutely flawless.
  •  In wedding photography, it is always considered that a photographer should be bold. The photographer should be bold enough to capture various special moments and his timing should be perfect. He should move around and should have an idea of what is to be photographed and accordingly he should take pictures while doing the wedding photography.
Wedding photography
Wedding photographer
wedding photography sample
Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography: The Most Glamorous Expression in the World of Creativity

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is one of the most glamorous sections in the photography genre and is one of the better-paid ones. Competition is also in this particular area of photography and only the ones who are the masters of their art can really survive. Fashion photography deals in fashion and photographers should have their own unique style. Most of the experts in this field have opined that it is just not enough to have a picture which is hundred percent technically perfect. One has to project those elements in the image, which would show the viewers why that image is worth looking at. Thus with technical knowledge one should also have an artistic quality and should know what makes an image tasteful. Following are some of the guidelines, which any budding fashion photographer can use in order to better himself in what he does and understand the various aspects of fashion photography.
Fashion Photography

Guidelines for Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography
  •  Probably the most important thing in the world of fashion photography is preparation. One cannot really stress enough on this. A fashion photographer should have a basic idea of what he is to shoot when he enters a set. If he or she does not, then it is a day full of troubles for them. It is always advisable that the fashion photographers should carry books of tear sheets of different hairstyles, costumes, poses, lighting, which would help them in developing a concept for their shoot.
  •  One should have the basic technical knowledge while trying their hand in fashion photography. A sound idea about the camera and various other equipments will help the photographers in understanding fashion photography in a much better way. They should also be well equipped with proper accessories like lens, monopods, reflectors, tripods, which help them in capturing good images easily.

A Career in Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography
  •  In outdoor fashion photography, one should always make use of the available natural lights in order to produce bright and very clear images of the subjects. The best part of the day for outdoor is the afternoon time when one can make optimum use of the sunlight. The most preferable position of a model to stand is when the sunlight falls on his or her face from the side direction.
  •  Fashion photography deals with models. Thus, a fashion photographer should have a thorough knowledge of in which way to position them. The photographer should also make sure that the models are comfortable in the clothes they are wearing otherwise they would uncomfortable and this would not help in clicking good pictures. Various shot positions should be tried in any fashion photography shoot so that the photographer can choose the best among them.


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