Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Room Makeover : A Children's Bedroom

As if this time of year isn't busy enough, I decided last week to do a very quick makeover of both my children's bedrooms. I seem to remember doing the very same thing last year, I am not sure quite sure what possesses me every December!

Anyway, both rooms needed freshening up - as economically & quickly as possible.

I re-painted both bedrooms - quick & easy.
I took a quick trip to Ikea for....
a few single chunky shelves, a desk, new light-shades, some picture frames & new bedding.
I set myself a very strict budget & stuck to it.

I de-cluttered - something I always try to do pre-Christmas.

I donated two large boxes to charity, gave away some unwanted items on Freecycle & some I passed on to friends with younger children....everything found a good home.

I added some wall decals to my son's room which he loved.

The finishing touch for each room was letting both children choose a rug....
some great choices here....
They both have chairs in their rooms but like most children, seem to spend a lot of time on the floor.

When they were younger, their rooms were very slightly themed....but as they get slightly older, what I like in their rooms is a basic structure which they can add to themselves. My daughter loves to draw so she puts up her own work all over her walls & my son's walls are covered with football posters & his drawings.

I guess I like a fairly neutral palette since they both add colour by themselves.
Plenty of storage, you can never have enough with children....clean, fresh & bright. Job done!!
They are thrilled - and so am I!  


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