Friday, December 14, 2012

House & Home : The Bedroom

I've recently written a few pieces on my blog about sleep....both the lack of & importance of it.

I recently made over my children's bedrooms....
which naturally, I suppose, got me thinking about my bedroom & what it means to me.

For some people I know, their bedroom is simply a place to sleep, it's purely functional.

For some, it's a place of sanctuary....
not just for rest, it's a place of comfort, a haven.

I definitely fall into the latter group....

I've been slowly making over the bedroom during the last few months....
simplifying, adding and taking away in order to create just the right balance.

I've painted the walls white which has added not only a bright, clean feeling to the room but has given it a calm quality.

I never thought white walls were for me - I preferred pale colours but thought white was too stark.

But I can see now it's incredibly calming and also provides a blank canvas which colour can be added to in the form of a painting, books, rugs or bedding.

I love my room....it's definitely a place of tranquillity for me, a safe haven.

When I was growing up, I had to share a room....
something which had to be but which I never really enjoyed.

I can however remember creating a corner which was just mine....
a small place containing my treasures & some of my favourite & most special things.

I watch my children adding to their own spaces…
with their own drawings & decorations, a reflection of their own personalities.

Funnily enough - or maybe not - subconsciously, I think I still do that.
Favourite books are at my bedside, personal photographs, an old lamp, my notebooks....it’s funny how childhood habits die hard.

I love having my own space....although equally I love my children being able to run into the room, jump into our bed & burrow down under the covers.

A place of comfort, a place to exhale, unwind, relax and rejuvenate....
it's all those things I guess.

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