Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sponsored Video : Boots Presents "Let's Feel Good"

I love a Christmas TV ad....they arrive in November and every year there is always one which, without fail, will bring a lump to my throat or a tear to my eye.

This year, it's definitely the Boots Christmas ad.

Boots have taken the theme of "Let's Feel Good" as their Christmas theme for this year.....
the ad contains real-life couples who are shown giving gifts with a "feel-good factor".....
the mother returning to the dating scene encouraged by her children (and a selection of make-up from Boots), the young man old enough to receive his first shaving kit & the grandfather happily letting his young grand-daughter give him a pedicure....

Accompanied by Elton John's "Are You Ready For Love....?", it's a very endearing ad.

It also sends the message of giving well thought out gifts, gifts that really suit the occasion and also gifts that will last well into the New Year.

It is lovely to be able to give a gift that tells someone you have really considered and put some effort into not just what they want but also what they need....something that helps them to move on, inspires confidence or gives them an experience that was exactly what they needed.

Boots, as always, has a vast range of gifts....
with exactly two weeks of shopping days left until Christmas, it's time to shop!!

This is a sponsored post although all words are my own. 



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