Monday, December 3, 2012

lyla girl.

Well lyla girl, you are 8 months old.

You can almost sit up by yourself and don't crawl. I'm cool with you not being mobile, honestly I am not ready for you to get into everything (which I know you will ) so go ahead and stay put for a month or two longer.

you love your bottle. love.

you still suck your two fingers like a little rock star.

I thought maybe, just maybe, you would be a veggie lover. WRONG! you like even less veggies than your siblings. You can't stand carrots and turn your head away.

You are tiny. You only weight a little over 15 lbs.

You can say: "mama" "dada" and "ba-ba"

You sleep 8:30 pm to 8:30 am.

You like to snuggle and be held. Actually you like to held all the time, like all the time. If your awake, I am most likely holding you. If fact I am holding you right now.

you are such a treat and a joy! I have a feeling I am going to miss you being a baby the most.

xoxo/ mom.


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