Sunday, December 9, 2012

Choose the Option That You Want For Resume Format

Resumes are quite similar to advertisements where people can give in their summary of their experience as well as their skills and the educational qualification that they posses relevant to the career they are venturing into and fortunately, there are many different types of formats from which a person can choose to make his resume format. Actually most people are oblivious of the fact that there are so many formats for their resumes. The choice of the resume format becomes very important before starting the resume writing. Generally, based on the type of job that one applies for and various personal circumstances, the resume format is to be chosen. Several resume formats are described below which might help in making the choice for your resume:

Types of Resume Formats

  •  The chronological format of resume writing is one of the most popular and also quite preferred by almost everyone. This resume starts listing the work history of the candidate in the reverse chronological order. The most recent job positions are listed first. A candidate who has quite an attractive work history and one who does not have any kind of lapse between the various employments should definitely choose this resume format. Moreover, the employers prefer this chronological resume format because they can easily see the different types of recent jobs the candidate has held right up front and this way they can quickly make their decision.
  •  A targeted resume format is one that it intends to especially highlight the relevant skills as well as experience that the candidate has which is suitable for the job that he or she is applying for. This resume format definitely takes much more time to write than compared to the others, as it should be done with proper care as the highlights would mirror the job opening and one should make sure that no false inputs should be given just to mirror the job opening.
  •  The combination resume helps in providing a detailed description of the candidate’s experience as well as skills and also gives a chronological description of the work history, backing the skills and the experience up. This format helps in letting the employer know about the skills that the candidate possess which is relevant to the particular job and also helps in giving a fair background of the candidate’s overall job history.
  •  Another type of format for resume writing is the functional resume. It gives more importance on the skills and the experience of the candidate rather than the employment history, which is considered to be secondary in this case. Mostly, people who are undergoing career transition or people who have lapses in the employment front, prefer this resume format.

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Resume Format

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Resume Format

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Resume Format

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Resume Format


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