Monday, May 21, 2012

Contemporary Office Furniture Trends to Watch

In 2012 contemporary furniture seems to be the most popular solution to office furniture needs. This year we have seen a huge rise in modern and contemporary furniture lines. Manufacturers like OFM, Inc., Global Total Office, and Mayline Furniture continue to make huge contributions to the world of modern office furniture with incredibly cool collections that won't break your budget.

For a long time it was thought that modern meant expensive! This is no longer the case. Several of the hottest lines on the market in terms of modern office furniture are actually quite affordable. In years past, wood veneer was by far the most sought out style of office furnishing. Today laminate casegoods have really taken over. The level of quality has risen significantly. Most associated laminate furniture with being cheap and often unprofessional. Now, In most cases, laminate executive furniture is more durable and much more easily maintained. The selection of finishes is much better as well, allowing consumers to truly customize their space.

Another hot trend to keep an eye on is the use of metal and glass in the workplace. Especially when it comes to conference furniture, metal and glass are really taking over. Lightweight metals and tempered glass offer a really modern style that is sweeping boardrooms across the nation. Look for lines like Transaction and OFM conference tables to be popping up all over! These tables are extremely well made and will not break your budget. The Transaction series is actually technology intensive and can be configured to be one of the most advanced conference tables on the market. Just like with home kitchens, that industrial look of metal and commercial grade materials just seems to be hot!

Modular furniture is an industry buzz word that has been around forever. Consumers are really just starting to pick up on the benefits of investing in modular products for their business. Using modular workstations will allow you to reconfigure your space to meet your needs. This is especially beneficial as it allows you to add-on or enhance a workspace if you move or change offices. Nothing is worse than spending tons of money on gorgeous executive furniture and moving to a new office that it just won't fit properly in. Modular is modern, and the ability to customize and configure is just practical!


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