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Amazing Kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom bed and doors...

Modern ideas for your home..

Today I have assembled a bunch of ideas for your home that are sure to blow you away. I have sample kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and a couple cool items.. I hope some of you apply some f these ideas because they sure will spark conversation about your home.. TRUST ME..

Enjoy the post and pics.. 

Modern and Stylish Kitchen Design with New Resin Technology, by: Twenty Cemento 

Modulnova Italian manufacturer of kitchen comes with a stylish kitchen design that designed for your modern space. This is Twenty Cemento kitchen features emphasized by matteric of finished resin cement. The kitchen is made from high quality materials designed in detail to produce a best product. Twenty Cemento kitchens are using new resin technology with exceptional concrete in a 3mm liquid layer on the cabinet. Natural stone provides a durable coating with a smooth and soft to the touch surface in kitchen design. This kitchen comes with Nero black granite sink and breakfast bar Assoluto brushed and oiled wood cantilevered from the central island. It’s really an amazing design that is able to create a stylish decor and inviting in every perennial beauty.

stylish kitchen design with new resin technology

It has a kitchen cabinet drawer’s features internal and accessories specifically designed to organize workspace and storage space. Equipment and storage space hidden away in high cupboards that is practical and flexible. An exceptional kitchen design that makes the room looks neat and clean with simple shapes. The kitchen is able to create a new atmosphere in the interior decoration and make your cooking time more enjoyable. Visit Modulnova soon for more information about this modern kitchen design.

resin technology kitchen Twenty Cemento


Ultra Modern and Innovative Shower Design with Electronic System, Aqua Sense by Graff

An innovative design comes from Graff with a shower in style with a variety of exceptional facilities and ultra modern. Aqua Sense bathroom shower provides an electronic system that creates ease and convenience to your bath. This shower has a shower head mounted on the ceiling which is equipped with RGB lighting effects. It is capable of giving a unique feel that is very nice bathroom and shower is usually different. The shower uses innovative technology to the speaker and touch screen control panel, make things easier. You can enjoy water bath with wall-mounted waterfall cascade and cascade showers of rain and a wall-mount and rainfall.

innovative shower design with electronic system 

This shower is perfect for modern bathrooms complement the decor in your home and make the room more stylish. Aqua Sense creates a unique feel and provides a special bath that involves all your senses. RGB LEDs come in various attractive colors that can enhance the atmosphere and you can choose according to tastes interior. It was an electronic shower system that has a modern design and comfort that you want a bath. There is a truly unique design featuring innovative technology and ultra modern. Visit Graff for more details about this modern shower design.

electronic shower system with RGB lighting effects 

ultra modern shower design Aqua Sense 

unique stylish shower design by Graff 

attractive shower design with innovative technology 

stylish shower design with screen control panel

Dot – Comfortable and Simple Round Bed with Orbit Shelf by Leonardo Rossano

Here is a simple and comfortable bed which comes from the designer Leonardo Rossano. This is Dot-style bed that has a round shape with orbital shelf that can be moved to the center to change it in the table. You can use the orbit shelf to serve breakfast, put the laptop or any other purpose. A simple bed design that is perfect to complement the modern interior decor in your bedroom. This bed is handmade by artists as diverse in every part. Dot bed comes in gray and white are able to create a style in any bedroom decor.
simple round bed with orbit shelf

The bed consisted of a mattress and bed frame that can rotate together and removed easily put the linen. There are many functions that you can get in a bed of temperance. It was an amazing combination in the design of fashionable and comfortable bed. You can enjoy the time off or doing leisure activities in this bed. This bed is very easy to be combined with a variety of modern interior decoration in your home. Go to the Leonardo Rossano for more detail.

comfortable bed design Leonardo Rossano 

stylish and comfortable round bed Dot 

Comfort and Safety Door Design with Armoured, Elegance by Torterolo & Re

armored door with safety guarantee Torterolo & Re
When you want security for your home, Torterolo & Re provides the best solution with the door design that provides comfort and safety. Elegance is an armored door equipped with extremely robust double sheet that is very strong. They want to combine modern design with coplanar effects provided by coating and hinges. This door has a total thickness of 20/10 with internal insulation and omega dual screens. You do not need to be skeptical about these products because they have given the maximum guarantee of this door to theft. Elegance door is very good to provide security to your home and are equipped with thermal insulation and soundproofing.

safety door design with armoured Elegance

This door is equipped with various types of locks and doors are available customized with wood panels. You can select all the models in accordance with the tastes of the interior to create an arch or specific details. This door has excellent durability and excellent in providing security in your home. Modern door designs that not only provide comfort and security but make your home look more stylish. Visit Torterolo & Re soon to learn more about this fantastic product.

door equipped with extremely robust double sheet 

modern door design with coplanar effects 

door with thermal insulation and soundproofing

Amazing Kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom bed and doors...

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